The Music Within Essay

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The Music Within
What was the impact of the Music Within on your understanding of people who live with disabilities?
The Music Within made me examine the way I interact with the disabled people I encounter in my work and personal life. It gave me some insight into how I react and interact with the disabled. I now understand that the disabled want to be seen as individuals separate from a wheelchair, a hearing deficit or other manifestations of their disability. I think I am guilty of two extremes of behavior when encountering the disabled, acting so nonchalant that it may be construed as ignoring them or perhaps overcompensating with unnecessary attention. I realize now that both ...view middle of the document...

I’m not sure if Art’s speech became clearer as the movie progressed or if “spending time” with Art allows the viewer to grow more accustomed to how he speaks. I suspect that the actor portraying Art began to speak clearer as a device to show that as you get to know a disabled person the person emerges from the physical evidence of the disability and you see and hear the person not the symptoms of the disability. We see Art’s humor emerge from the crude humor we initially saw to that of an incredibly intelligent man.
I’m not sure how it reflects on how I see the disabled but as Al rode down the ramp of the pancake house in the final scene I yelled at Richard to go with him, asking “how can you just let him go off alone?” I’d like to think I‘m just really nice, but there must be some underlying disbelief that a disabled person can take care of themselves, a form of pity. Something to work on!
How might it be different to be born with a disability (Art) vs. acquiring a disability (Richard and Mike)?
Children who are born with a disability do not realize immediately that they are different from other children. Generally, children start to become aware of physical differences in their bodies, such as differences in hair and skin color, body size and shape, and gender, by the age of two. Eventually, children with disabilities realize that they are in some way different from most other people. At first this difference is neither good nor bad to them, just different . Since congenitally disabled people may have never lived in a nondisabled body, they often feel complete, intact, and "okay" with the disability, even though the outside world may view them as different. Disabled children whose parents accept them, show pride in them and their abilities, and communicate directly about their disability are more likely to develop good self-image and high self-esteem.
People who acquire disabilities later in life have a different experience from those who are born with a disability. Individuals, who become disabled, have lost something that has played a part in the development of their self-image, whether it is an arm or leg or the ability to perform a particular activity. These newly disabled people go through a grieving process similar to the grieving process for the death of a loved one. Their emotions usually follow these stages: grief, denial, anger, depression, working out a new way to live, and acceptance of the disability. Unfortunately, some people get stuck on one of these steps and may never reach the last two steps (
Did the movie have any influence on your attitude towards people with disabilities? Please explain.
Before viewing this movie I feel that I looked at disabled people as a group in need of a break, people looking for something special. In reality they are people looking for fairness, wanting to be seen for what they can do. They are searching for the acceptance that all of us...

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