The Mumbai Job A Strategy Negotiation & Conflict Management Case Study

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SNCM Case: The Mumbai Job

It was a cloudy day in Bangalore when I got the email. The weather was cool and pleasant and I had just finished my lunch. The email changed the complacence and deep satisfaction in my mind. The mail was sent via the most popular online professional network which had become the most used website by headhunters and job hunters. September 2010 was not exactly the peak hiring season as the global economy was still showing no signs of recovery from the recession; and I was not actively looking for a job. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from a big firm in India which sought to talk to me about an open position they had in Mumbai. Little did I know how ...view middle of the document...

Originally founded as L&T Information Technology Ltd, as a wholly owned subsidiary of L&T, the firm was renamed to L&T Infotech and run like an independent company. It is a global IT services and solutions provider based in Mumbai, India, and is ranked #8 in Indian IT companies in 2011-2012, NASSCOM. The company has 39 registered offices in 22 countries. This is what I found out during my initial research about the recruiting company. Naturally, I prided on receiving an impromptu offer from such a big and reputed firm which was admired internationally. So, my positive response to the email was a natural outcome.

The Job Application Process: the first step My affirmative response to the email fetched quick response mails from the company recruiter. Subir, the Recruiting HR, wanted me to submit the latest copy of CV for review. Since I had not been searching for a job, I did not have a ready copy my CV. So, I sat down to create a new one that captured my 5 years of experience at Infosys. I took four hours to put together my CV with all the relevant project details and acquired competencies. Then I sent it to Subir and waited for the response. Within few hours I got another email from Subir requesting me to fill up an online job application form. I was thrilled as this meant that my profile was shortlisted for further processing and that someone had already reviewed it. The dance had just begun!
Author: Madhuranath R

SNCM Case: The Mumbai Job

The Job Application Process: the second step The first telephone call from Subir was the second step of my job application process. He sounded very friendly and warm over the phone and I guess that is something all HRs are expected to be at any time of the day or night. However, he seemed more genuine in his talk. He wanted to get some basic information and clarifications about the online form that I had submitted on their website. During the discussion I mentioned that my permanent residence was in Bangalore and that I had worked for the same company since the time I graduated with a B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering. At that point, he asked me the reason I was progressing with this job application. After all, I had not switched job in 5 years which was unusually long for an average employee in the IT industry. Also, he was concerned whether I was open to relocating to Mumbai from Bangalore; Bangalore was considered the best location for IT professionals and the weather in the city was the best across the country. In essence, my logic in processing this job application was not clear to him. I could clearly understand his concerns. Probably, I would have asked the same questions if I had been in his place. So, I assured him that I was making this change in job after sufficient thought. I was cocooned in a safe job where I had made a good name since the initial years. So, I wanted to break out of this comfort zone and explore what I am really worth in an unbiased environment. Also, relocating...

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