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The Movie “Crash” And Its Intercultural Sub Context

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The movie “Crash” and its intercultural sub-context

Intercultural communication occurs when people or groups from different cultures communicate. The actual process of listening and responding to people with various cultural backgrounds can be difficult. The movie Crash demonstrates a number of diversity problems and intercultural barriers. It tells a story of multiple different individuals and families and how they are all intertwined, even if they want to think they are not. Most obviously, the characters come from different races, but race set aside they are each a part of different subcultures of the Los Angeles area.
Crash used excellent interpretations that showed how pre-judging ...view middle of the document...

The second instance in which pre-determined stereotyping was present was when Officer Ryan (Matt Dillon) viewed Christine as untrustworthy, and refused to respect her simply based on his previous negative experience with another African American woman. This woman from his past failed to aid him in providing secure health care for his father. This is an example of stereotyping and prejudice because Officer Ryan quickly categorized and formed a prejudiced opinion of the African American woman based on extremely limited information. He formed his opinion of her based on his past experience with someone else of her race and gender, which in all actuality had nothing to do with the particular situation that was portrayed in the movie. In this instance, it is inconceivable to me that a man would discriminate against an African American woman just because he has had to deal with one that was not so pleasant to him in the past. I am sure he had some not so pleasant experience with Caucasian men and women, but we do not see this character discriminating against them.
The third intercultural instance that called my attention was when a Persian man and his daughter come a Caucasian man’s store looking to buy a gun. The Persian man, named Farhad, and his daughter Dorri are talking back and forth in Farsi. The gun shop clerk gets frustrated and says, “Yo Osama, plan the jihad on your own time”. Farhad says, “You’re an ignorant man” as he’s escorted out. The owner remarks, “Oh yea I’m ignorant, you’re liberating my country, and I’m flying 747’s into your mud huts and incinerating your friends”. The gun shop owner clearly stereotyped Farhad as being Arab based upon the way he looked and the language he thought he spoke. From these perceptions, the man made the assumption that since he’s Arab, “his people” were the ones responsible for September 11, 2001. The gun store owner stereotyped Farhad...

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