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The Mouse Who Ate The Cheese

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The Mouse who ate the Cheese: and those who Believed, those who Knew, those who doubted 1. Why was Bill so sure that he knew the mouse ate the cheese? Were his reasons good ones? a. Bill was sure that he knew that the mouse ate the cheese because he physically saw the mouse come from under the cupboard towards the piece of cheese. He also saw the mouse physically eat the cheese. Bill has used his senses in seeing the mouse eat the cheese and this is probably the most attend able way to gain knowledge.2. Two other people claimed to know that the mouse ate the cheese "" Virginia and Adrian. What were their reasons? Were these reasons ...view middle of the document...

3. Alive only claims to believe that the mouse ate the cheese. Why did she not claim to know it a. Alice believed that a mouse ate the cheese because she deducted that since she saw the piece of cheese and then it disappeared then the only plausible solution for her is a mouse ate it. She is not sure and therefore cannot know that a mouse really ate.4. Did Bill, Virginia, and Adrian believe that the mouse ate the cheese? Can we know anything without believing it? a. Bill, Virginia, and Adrian all believe the mouse ate the cheese. I think that if you know something then you must believe it. It may not necessarily believe it as true or wrong but you must believe that it is so.5. George neither knew nor believed that the mouse ate the cheese. Why? Can you think anything that might have convinced him that the mouse ate the cheese? a. George did not believe that the mouse ate the cheese because he had prior knowledge which convinced him of the opposite. He though and believed that his house was rat-free but unfortunately it wasn't so but he keeps his beliefs. George might have been convinced if he was shown how the mouse ate the cheese and from where he came. Another piece of cheese could have been placed on the floor to see if the mouse came back again.6. Under what circumstances would everyone at the party have known that the mouse ate the cheese? a. The easiest way would be if everyone at the party physically saw the mouse eat the cheese.

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