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The Motivation Hygiene Theory Or Herzberg's Theory

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Is motivation lacking at Listo Systems? As one of the top graphic service companies in the world, recent years have seen both the technology and the competition expand, leaving them with questions about where they currently stand as an organization and if their motivating factors have dwindled. We may not know immediately what is causing the apparent downturn but we do know that in their early successful years, the dedication and commitment of the employees seemed to drive the organizations success. To help Listo Systems both measure and steer their motivational direction, we as a group have come up with the following theories and studies that could be applied to their organization.
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Fix company policies and procedures that may be obstructive. Create a culture filled with respect and dignity for all team members and support it. Ensure wages are competitive and all positions should have meaningful work in an effort to build job status and more importantly purpose. Analyze supervision to make certain that it has been effective, supportive and non-intrusive. Lastly, provide job security.
The second part after you have removed hygiene factors will be to create conditions for Job Satisfaction. Herzberg states that in order to create satisfaction, organizations need to address the motivating factors associated with work. In order to accomplish this, every job should be examined to determine how it could be made better and more satisfying to the person doing the work; Herzberg later coined this “job enrichment”. Job enrichment may be provided by reviewing and implementing the following motivational factors. Create work that not only is rewarding but matches the skills of your workers. Recognize your workers’ contributions and provide opportunities for achievement and advancement in the company through internal promotions. Offer training and development so that workers my pursue positions they desire within the company. Along with that, give as much responsibility as possible to each team member to allow empowerment. In the end, as a means of increasing motivation and satisfaction, Herzberg’s theory is largely responsible for the practice of allowing people greater responsibility for planning and controlling their work.
Theory X and Theory Y

Theory X suggests that the average individual naturally dislikes work and will avoid it when possible. Because of their dislike of work, workers must be pressured to perform, controlled, directed and threatened with punishment to get them to put forth an effort to work towards organizational goals. This theory assumes that the average individual prefers to be directed and will avoid responsibility. Individuals are not ambitious and have no creativity must always be controlled by an external force to get them perform. This means managers must closely supervise, use a much more authoritarian style of leadership and constantly put pressure on workers to perform.
Theory Y assumes that the physical and mental effort of work is viewed as play when the conditions are favorable. External controls are not the only motivating factor for bringing about effort to achieve organizational objectives. Workers are self-directed, will seek responsibility and practice...

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