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The Most Significant Events Essay

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The Most Significant Events
Mary Wright
University of Phoenix
The American Experience Since 1945
Gladys Vint

Following World War II there have been many social, economic, and political events that have taken place during this decade. Different people may have various opinions of what event had the most impact or effect on the American people than other events within the same decade. I will attempt to explain the events that I believe are the most significant events of this era.
1950’s Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights Movement began in the late 1940’s and extended throughout the late 60’s. Many people can recall some of the key events that took place ...view middle of the document...

After Ruby endured all the pressures of being the first black American to go to an all-white school, she helped pave the road for many other black students to attend white schools, and made it easier for them to get a better education. Her bravery helped improve racial interactions between black and whites, but she didn’t know at that time how much of an impact she really made ( Ruby’s brother was tragically killed in a drug-related shooting, she then realized what her purpose was, and what she did at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement was history made ( Ruby knew that she wanted to help young, troubled, black children obtain an education. Ruby started volunteer work at the William Frantz School that once denied her right to an education. She helped make the school stronger by starting the Ruby Bridges Foundation ( Today, Ruby travels to schools to explain the importance of reading, power of education, and integration of races (

1960’s Vietnam
The most influential war in American history was the war in Vietnam ( This war was prolonged from 1963 to 1975, with very little resolve. Americans struggled to defend a war between nationalist forces in an attempt to unify a country that was not ours ( Vietnam War impacted the United States drastically socially, economically, and politically. The Vietnam War began to affect the American people in many ways. The war that was killing so many young soldiers was the beginning of the most controversial issue of this decade. Not only was this a war many people didn’t understand, but it was also causing distrust among the American people towards the government and its leaders (Davidson, Gienapp, Heymann, Lytle & Stoff, 2006). Our country was engaged in a war that many Americans viewed as a war we would never win. Public support was lost, and many people had mixed feelings about the purpose and worried about the effects it would have in the future. When President Nixon decided to expand the war beyond Vietnam into Cambodia, his decision started some of the most horrible antiwar protests between the American people and the government (Davidson, et al., 2006). The people of the counter-cultural era were already expressing themselves in different ways that were more social and not political, so this move by the President only made matters worse (Davidson, et al., 2006). On, November 15, 1969, the largest anti-war protest in American history took place in Washington, D.C., over 250,000 Americans rallied to ask for the government to send the troops home ( The Vietnam War paved the way for political leaders as an example not to follow in future foreign alliance policies (

1970’s The Watergate Scandal
The Watergate Scandal marked the most remembered and worse scandal in American...

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