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The Most Important Invention In Human History

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1
1. Question 1
2. Introduction 1
3. Contributions 1
i. Demography 1
ii. Disease prevention 2
iii. Female status 3
iv. Mental liberation 5
4. Conclusion 6

The most important invention in human history


What do you think is the most important invention in human history? Give reasons and specific examples in your answer.


The following work deals with the contributions of condom. The main goal of the paper is to prove that condom is the most important invention in human history. The paper focuses on 4 aspects: 1.demography; 2.disease prevention; 3. female status; 4. ...view middle of the document...

Therefore condom serves as a really useful tool to “prevent” the Y to meet with the X and thus free people of child-born issues. The family planning policy is quite a good example of birth control. A brochure from has recommended the use of condom as the best way to conform to the policy:
Why use condoms? - Partners share responsibility for safer sex and contraception. Most other methods of contraception don’t protect you against STIs including HIV. To protect yourself use condoms as well.[1]
We can see that the effectiveness and safety provided by condom have gained its status in birth control.

2 Disease prevention

This is now a world blend with heterosexuality and homosexuality. Both intercourse activities have high probability of getting infectious with sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or AIDS. I believe we all have witnessed some AIDS patients suffering from the agony causing by the disease and to me that’s the most unforgettable scene I have ever seen. In a test that involved condom use, the statistics showed:
Among sex workers attending Clinique de Confiance[2] for the first time, significant declines were found in the prevalence of HIV infection (from 89 to 32%), gonorrhoea (from 33 to 11%), genital ulcers (from 21 to 4%), and syphilis (from 21 to 2%).[3]
We can see that the number of the above infections have fallen dramatically. Further, condom is a real cheap way of disease prevention. People from high AIDS rates areas like African can spend less money in prevention rather than to cost a great deal in the treatment.

3 Female status

Women's sexual health is directly affected by women's low status in society. This low status, and subsequent lack of sexual autonomy not only increases risk for sexual health problems, it also decreases ability to obtain treatment and support when a sexual health concern arises.[4]
In the world today, writers are trying hard to fight for liberation and equality for women but it has its limitations as there are not so many people reading seriously nowadays whereas condom has a more direct contribution for the sake of female.
First, condom can serve as a convenient way if couples want contraception and it saves women from the tormented trail of abortion.
Second, it helps to reduce gynaecological diseases. Much gynaecological diseases female get are from the contact of sperms which may carry some germs and infect vagina. And to further illustrate this point I would like to say that I am in favour of prostitution. This is an important premise. I think people should see prostitution as a career rather than some shameless deeds if some prostitutes are actually willing to do so and therefore condoms serve as a security weapon for those prostitutes as they have to encounter all sorts of “guests” and are much more prone to infect with STDs and AIDS.
Third, it provides protection in some dangerous situations. There was once a case in China where a girl begged...

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