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The Most Beautiful Place Essay

518 words - 3 pages

Haley Shirey

Mrs. Gavron


January 13, 2010

The Most Beautiful Place

The most beautiful place for me is our summer Ranch in Columbia

Kentucky. I adore the beautiful property with 500 acres of lush green grass

and a running creek surrounding the whole property. There are large ponds,

mountains and hills, when you enter the property you must go around lots of

winding curves that would scare most visitors, but not me I love the

adventure of what lies ahead. I love to go out side every morning early and

feed my Horses and listen to the birds chirping. Hummingbirds are

always abundant in the summertime they are so cute!

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In the winter time it is really quite charming . The creek freezes over so every winter

we have ice fights and sometimes try to cross the creek without falling in.

My younger brother Holden loves to take the telescope outside every night

and star gaze, we really enjoy this, because in Kentucky there is a lot more

stars in the sky, there must be 100,000 stars in the skies, and the

moon is so large and unique looking it‘s truly amazing to me. Sometimes we

light a bon fire and roast marshmallows around the fire and let off fireworks.

I have 38 Tennessee walking Horses on the Ranch and they are so pretty to

watch as they gallop across the hills of the property. I enjoy taking them in

the barn and brushing their coats and feeding them hay.

Forget about all of the other sunsets you have seen before, because none

of them compare to the ones in Kentucky! They are out of this world you can

see the silhouette of the hills and mountains in the back ground. At night

when we settle in my family goes on the wrap a round back porch when is 30

feet in the air where we are overlooking the whole back area of our property

and it is amazing when you look out and see thousands of fireflies! Never do

you so these things in Florida anymore. If you listen carefully you can hear

the coyotes howling every night just before bedtime.

Sometimes when its been a while since I have been there I almost forget

how beautiful and exciting of a place it is, until I return and think to myself,

thank you God for allowing me to have such a wonderful chance to

appreciate the beauty of this land.

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