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The Most Amazing Echoss Essay

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We have different priorities, commitments and plans in our lives. Similarly, the same type of employment simply cannot suit everyone’s lifestyle. Luckily, there are different types to choose from. Read on to find out which one would match your needs.


Full-time employment means that you are required to work daily a fixed number of hours (8 or more) specified by your employee. Usually, the compensation package besides your wage will include other benefits such as sick-leave, paid vacation, health insurance and so on. Plus, a full-time job can be easily turned into a career.

The advantages of having a full-time job:
fixed salary regardless of the monthly workflow
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You could be subdued to one or many contracts at the same time, working on a different projects. The most common fields for freelancing are the ones that require creativity such as photography, web design, journalism, art, translating, consulting and so on.

The advantages of working as a freelancer:
setting your own work schedule
control over projects you work on
usually you can work from a distance

The disadvantages of working as a freelancer:
lack of a stable money income
no benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, etc.

Work from Home or Telecommuting

As a home worker, you could work either in full-time or in part-time from home or from any other premise you choose. Due to the development of communication technology the number of telecommuters has increased significantly during the last decades. So, you might want to consider seriously the advantages and disadvantages of working from the comfort of your home.

The advantages of working from home:
flexible working hours
no transportation needed


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