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The Morning After Pill Essay

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The Morning After Pill

The morning after pill or Emergency Contraceptives goes by several different names, each describing the same immoral drug. That is at least the preconceived notion I had when I started researching it. In the United States, Plan B or emergency contraceptives were approved by the FDA for sale without a prescription to women and men 18 years and older on August 24, 2006. Women aged 17 and younger will still require a prescription to buy Plan B. Although, there is much debate on how readily available Plan B should be made to consumers. The major concern being the time it takes to get the pills. After all, getting a doctor's appointment and buying the pills takes ...view middle of the document...

Studies show that emergency contraceptive pills can prevent or delay ovulation (the time when the ovaries release an egg). If you take emergency contraceptive pills before fertilization (the time in which the egg and sperm meet), they may interfere with the process of fertilizing the egg. It’s also possible that emergency contraceptive pills work after fertilization, making it impossible for the fertilized egg to implant in the uterus. Researchers may never be able to prove for certain whether or not emergency contraceptive pills have an effect after or before fertilization. Since the major problem people have with the pill is that it can affect the fertilized egg, if it could be proven that the pill always stops fertilization, then there would be extremely little opposition for the pill.
Proponents for the emergency contraceptive pills believe the pills are not the same as the abortion pill. In Britain and many other western countries, it is not regarded as an abortion-causing drug, but as a contraceptive. They say there is no time when emergency contraception would end a pregnancy once it has started. In fact, there appears to be no increased risk of...

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