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The More Loving One Essay

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Critical Analysis of “The More Loving One” By W.H. Auden

W.H. Auden’s “The More Loving One” is an intriguing poem that touches on the topics of love and humanity in the form of astrology. Auden uses a number of poetic devices to portray this message clearly to his audience. He doesn’t however write a direct translation of what he thinks of love but instead uses metaphors in order to challenge the readers’ imagination.

Auden in this poem compares human beings to stars. This comparison can be criticised as being very unfair as stars are both literally and metaphorically above humans. This is evident upon reading “…That for all they care, I can go to hell.” The fact that he used objects ...view middle of the document...

The third stanza explains Auden’s view on the issue of love in the most vivid way compared to the other stanzas. He explains that because he is so comfortable with his love for them and the fact that they cannot love him back, he does not have to miss them. This is evident upon reading “I cannot, now see them, say I missed one terribly all day.” Auden is sure of himself when it comes to giving love. The “admirer” in the poem symbolizes someone who is emotional faithful and dedicated. He explains that there is love in all beauty as even though the stars do not love us back there is still something positive about having something to love.

The significance of stars is constantly advertised in this poem. In the final stanza Auden reveals that stars are eternity and this should be more important to humans than anything. Auden is also trying to say that people, like stars do lose their shine. However stars have it easy, as since they are so many, we do not notice. Our intimate relationships with each other cause us to feel emotions when these relationships fade. We read, “I should learn to look at an empty sky And feel its total dark sublime, Though this might take me a little time.” Auden is using the empty sky to...

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