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The Moral Essay

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1) Value Analysis Strategy
The first strategy which is the value analysis strategy was introduced by J.R. Franenkel and Coomb in 1980. The purpose of this strategy is to resolve the dilemma problems of moral conflict. It consists of 2 approaches, that is Fraenkel Approach and Coomb Approach. In between of these approaches, they share of one common value- both approach conflicts by identifying beforehand the value elements and facts with an analytic mindset. The action taken is always based on the study of pros and cons based on the fact which require rational and logical thinking before any value judgement is made. As an example when having analysis, one is required to study the effect or ...view middle of the document...

In the later stage, decisions are made based on the benefit for the community. There has to be a general agreement and compromise. When one is fulfilling one’s desire, the individual will not exploit others and avoid being morally condemned.

3) Hierarchy Building Strategy
An individual who faced moral conflicts would have two or more conflicting values. In this strategy, an assumption is made that only one value can be chosen and the others abandoned. In a situation where two or more values cannot be achieved together, the more important value should be taken into account and prioritized. Hence, from the hierarchical ranking of values a decision is made. Thus to build a hierarchy that can serve as a useful model for resolving conflicts, an objective criterion acceptable to all parties by our own formulation have to be made. Whatsoever, it is not guaranteed that prioritizing that one action would confirm a fruitful result or a more fundamental value than the other.
4) Strategy of Dissolution
Strategy of dissolution of conflict is the development of alternative that avoid problem. When we deal with situations in which whatever choice in problem-solving alternatives we make will be undesirable while the chance of not having to choose or to be able to choose a third...

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