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The Mind Of A Serial Killer

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The Mind of a Serial Killer

Background Research on Criminality
What is criminology? Literally the word criminology means the study of crime, but also can be defined as an interdisciplinary profession built around the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior, including their forms, causes legal aspects, and control. What are some criminological theories? A few criminological theories are sociological theory, individual theory, and symbolic interactionism. How do criminological theories related to serial killers, can they give explanations to why or what influenced them to commit crimes, and is there a rationale for the actions of a killer?
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Hirschi on the other hand stated, with these factors not present it is more likely for he/she to become criminal. Later on Hirschi expanded his theory stating that a person with low self esteem is more likely to become criminal.
What is symbolic interactionism? Symbolic interactionism draws on the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl and George Herbert Mead, as well as subcultural theory and conflict theory. There are three types of symbolic interactionism, first, is the rational choice theory a perspective that holds that criminality is the result of conscious choice and that predicts that individuals choose to commit crime when the benefits outweigh the cost of disobeying the law. Second is routine activity theory a brand of rational choice theory that suggests that lifestyles contribute significantly to both the volume and the type of crime found in any society. Lastly, the contemporary cultural and critical criminologist define themselves through the opposition to rational choice-inspired theories, which they perceive to rest on an onto logically simplistic conception of human beings as hedonistic opportunists whose behavior can be manipulated by adjustment of costs, benefits, opportunities and technologies of control.
Do these criminological theories differ in any way? Yes, these criminological theories differ in many ways the sociological theory basically states that society has an impact on criminal behavior. On the other hand, the individual theory states that criminal behavior is developed through problems brought about in childhood that would cause an individual to commit deviant acts of crime. However, symbolic interactionism is based on if the benefits of committing crime outweigh the cost of committing the crime. These theories are consistent because in all cases they display deviant behaviors among each theory.
What are some of the research methods used in criminology? Some of the research methods used in criminology is applied research, pure research, primary research, and secondary research. Applied research is scientific inquiry that is designed and carried out with practical applications in mind. Pure research is undertaken simply for the sake of advancing scientific knowledge. Primary research is characterized by original and direct investigation. Secondary research is new evolutions of existing information that had been collected by other researchers.
Serial Killer Profile
Who is Ed Gein? What influenced his criminal behavior? What was the magnitude of the crime(s)? What was the order of the prosecution, sentencing, and the final disposition? What criminological theories relate to him as a serial killer? Did they play a part in his criminal behavior?
Ed Gein was born in Plainfield, Wisconsin on August 27, 1906 to the parents of George and Augusta Gein. Gein’s father was an alcoholic that was dominated by an overbearing wife, who was the owner of a general store. Augusta was originally disappointed in...

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