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The Method Of Collabration Essay

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The Methods of Collaboration and Enhancing Team Performance
William Reed
Gen/200 Foundations for General Education and Professional Success
February 2, 2013
Joseph Lewis Aguirre

When working together as a team, there are many methods of collaboration. A pivotal
method is insight. Making sure everyone involved understands the goal and having a shared
vision. The objective when collaborating is to accomplish a task together that you would not be
able to do alone. Establishing a communication system is key also. Tools such as email,
message forums, and video chat are great ways to discuss team issues while receiving and giving
feedback on your task. Consensus amongst the group is vital, so when problems arise everyone
will have a voice on the resolution. It's imperative that every member in the group stands behind
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As team members, we should
want to prove that we are trustworthy. Every team member has a unique quality and can offer
their knowledge and point of view. We have to stay open to ideas and suggestions from others.
Opening your mind to new ideas gives you the opportunity to expand your thinking and you can
also view the world in different perspectives. Active listening is a great strategy. This can be a
helpful tool with communication and makes each member fell like they are heard. It also creates
a greater foundation of trust which will lead to better performance.
You must first understand the problem before you can resolve the conflict in a situation.
Most situations are never what they appear to be. Before you attempt to resolve a conflict, make
sure that you have both sides of the story. Often it is difficult to make a pre-conceived idea
towards the individual; the focus should be on the problem and not the person. The goal in
resolving conflicts is for both parties to resolve the issue between themselves. Allow both
parties to express their point of view and also share their perspective. It is imperative that we
keep the lines of communication open and never leave the issue to linger. Working together and
choosing the right approach accommodates all members. What you want left standing after your
resolution is the promotion of group cohesiveness and a greater level of motivation and growth,
both professional and personal.
Methods of collaboration, enhancing team performance, and resolving conflicts are all
important aspects of team work. Everyone is different, but one can always learn from anothers

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