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This him that I speak of goes by the name of Chris, he is the reason I strive so hard for life now but it was not always like that. When I first met him, he was something that my flirtatious eyes wanted on a computer screen. I remember looking at his pictures noticing his small eyes, pretty smile and voluptuous lips thinking how many months he might last. Shame I know, but then I stepped away from the physical attributes and wanted to see if he had anything else going for himself and I’ll be damned he did. The first sentence he wrote alone had me hypnotized and as much as I wanted to stop reading I couldn’t ...view middle of the document...

I’m not the kind of person that brags on my looks or make people feel down but I know for a fact that I can get any man that I want but for this to happen a second time oh no I was not having that. So I devised a plan. See the thing about me is I get what I want hands down there is a no in my vocabulary and usually that how it works but unlike all the other times this time I had to actually put in work. I would call him, no answer, Text him, no reply or he would text back hours later and it irked my nerves. But at that point I was in my “playa” mode I guess you would say so I took it as a game. But then we talked on the phone and in that one conversation I fell in love. We talked about the future, dreams, goals, he told me about his beautiful daughter and when the phone hung up my heart was humming a different tune. Me, I, Lola started to feel all warm inside, which was not the usual when I got off the phone with a new person. I’m usually laughing at the stuff the guy has said thinking about how all his lines were wack as hell but not this time. This time I knew I had to be crazy I didn’t believe in love at first sight but I believed in liking somebody really hard and that I did. After that conversation we were hooked on each other always calling and texting nothing mattered at all when we were talking. It was like he had a spell on me; all I thought about was him and all I wanted to do was be with him.

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