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The Media's Negative Impact On Men, Women And Children In America

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The media is responsible for the communication challenges we face in this society, from television, internet and entertainment. The media is influencing the minds of men, women, and children in negative ways. In the media men are known to have money, power, and respect and women are known to use their sexuality to gain any respect from this society. Children are brain washed to the point of violence; children want to carry weapons like the characters they play in the video games. The main objective in this society is to have control of people through entertainment, which includes television, music, video games and magazines. The media doesn’t realize the damage it can create with the lives ...view middle of the document...

A situation like this is common because, men are becoming the blame for what the media is classifying them to want, model type women.
When it comes to women, the media has a profound effect on how they view their bodies from several personal perspectives. Obviously, this affects all facets of a female towards their ability to be comfortable with their bodies, intimacy, and how they interrelate with their environment. First of all, it’s hard for a female to feel comfortable with herself, especially when the media expects women in this society to be perfect. For example, the show America’s next top model, the women are required to be tall, skinny, and have a impeccable face, an average women would never have the opportunity to be on that show. Secondly, women are forced to believe their bodies have to be flawless, to catch a man’s attention, and this can create intimacy issues. For instance, these self-esteem issues correspond to the media expecting women to have a magnificent body and full figure women are becoming negative targets with the assumptions that every man wants his women to have a “J.lo” body. Finally, it’s hard for a plus size women in this society to blend in, when their surroundings are skinny women getting all the attention, it can make a women very uncomfortable. For example, the industry will pick skinny women first for a music video before plus size women and these are the demands in entertainment because, women are sex symbols. America is a challenging society for women, because sex sells, and women are the main object.
The media is affecting children’s behavior because of exposure to violence; it creates aggressive behavior, antisocial behavior, and arousal. First of all, the violence to which American children are exposed in the entertainment is having an effect on their behavior. For example, children who...

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