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The Meaning Of True Beauty Essay

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“Society has overcome the meaning of what true beauty is. It makes you believe that beauty’s something fake. And sooner or later, you start believing it.” Vogue magazine stated that quote in their magazine. This quotation holds true in society because once a person gets an image of what they see as perfection, they strive to achieve that look. One way this is done is by having cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure people undergo to improve their external appearance. To prove or show the mental effects of plastic surgery by examining why patients show interest, how reality television shows influence daily lives, and the effects on the final result of cosmetic surgery.
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” (Griffith) Instead of them helping people who are depressed with therapy or any other different solutions, cosmetic surgery is the top plan.
MTV show, I Want a Famous Face is where people idolize their favorite stars so much they actually want to look like them, or have certain features that they have. This show is promoting that, which it is okay to not be happy with what we are naturally born with. If people want to look like someone else because they are not happy with their own physical features, I Want a Famous Face will cosmetically change the way they look. The media has made famous people look so glamorous to the point where people think it is real. This glamour and fame looks like true happiness to ordinary people. The show makes people think even more that they are not as good because they don’t have a famous persons feature. Many people seem to be happy with the outcome, but could that be a good way to help people with their self esteem. (Hobe)They are only happy because they don’t look like themselves anymore. This is not a good way to show people with insecurities that it is okay not to be perfect. They give the exact opposite message. Now people don’t have to worry about being ugly because they can just look like any famous person they choose.
Besides the superficial reasons of getting plastic surgery there always is another side. The Swan is a show that is trying to help women who have been through a lot, and they want to make a difference in their life. Most of these women have had terrible lives so far, and send a movie like a cry for help. There is a process of plastic surgery where they extremely need it, diet and workout plan and also therapy. This is one of the cosmetic surgery reality shows to have an actual therapist helping them through the process. This therapist helps them work on the inside not working on the outside.
At the end of the series there is a pageant with all the girls who have transformed the most. This part of the show doesn’t make any positive influence on people with insecurities. It is showing now that they are beautiful from plastic surgery; the women get to compete in a beauty pageant now. The show first shows that they really do care and are trying to help these women. (Hoepf) The pageant does not seem necessary but this is the way the show decided to end their program. Not all shows are always going to be positive, but this one seems to be better then some of the others.
Not all plastic surgery is bad though. When someone has been in an accident and has major damage it is necessary to have a cosmetic surgery. When someone is badly burned by fire or had a life threatening disorder that is when surgery would be needed. Otherwise cosmetic surgery seems selfish and unnecessary. Society seems to be showing that the only way we can be happy with ourselves is by changing physically. This is not the right message to send out to people,...

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