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The Meaning Of Life Essay

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The question that everyone has asked or thought about, the question that plague's mankind, the question which is… What is the meaning of life?Everyone questions the meaning of life, but if you think about the question; the meaning, what is the meaning to anything? The only things that have meanings are the things that we have given a meaning, the things we have created.But the question is the meaning of life. Life was not created by man, and yet the only things we know that have meanings have been created by man. So maybe to find the meaning of life (which was not created by man) we have to look at other things which were not created by man. Such as animals and plants. Animals, to humans, DO have meanings, whether it's for fun, love, food, sport etc. Trees which we have given the meaning of shelter, ...view middle of the document...

Now maybe that's all our meaning is, is to live, and be alive. But for some people that isn't enough, and they need a definite answer.Some people do have a meaning of life, and that meaning was given to them by god. A hell of a lot of people in the world, believe in god, but a hell of a lot of people don't. The people who do believe in god have been told (by god), their purpose whether it is to serve god, or to behave in a certain way to get into heaven, or what ever it is. They have been told what their meaning is. But for the people who don't believe in god. When they remember why they don't, (normally because they think he doesn't exist), remember that the people who are getting this message, (the meaning of life) are getting this message by someone/thing that does not exist, so the meaning given does not exist either and is not real, so we are still left with no meaning to life.(Yes, this is going somewhere by the way.)So the only way we can find a meaning to things, is if we give it one. And since we don't know the meaning of life we have to find out what it is (great you already knew that, eh?). But we as humans have created many things, such as a ruler for example, which was created for the meaning to measure things. We Were Made (in one way or another) therefore according to everything else that exists in the world, you'd think that we too, have a meaning. So if you're finding yourself asking yourself, or someone else the meaning of life, this is my conclusion:We make things for meanings. Maybe we were made for a meaning. The only things in the world that have meanings, are the things that we have given meanings. So we've established that something has to be made, (whether its man made or not, something has to be made) in order for it to have a meaning… So life has no meaning unless you give it one, SO FOR GODS SAKE:MAKE YOUR LIFE INTO SOMETHING, AND GIVE IT A MEANING.

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