The Meaning Of Dreams Essay

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The Meaning Behind Dream
Richard Cantos
Copper mountain college

Sigmund Freud was a psychoanalyst psychologist who's studies were based on theory of personality and behavior while unconscious, in this research given we will be explaining the differences of dreams and nightmares derived by Sigmund Freud and how his methods of research paved a way into our society today.

The Meaning Behind Dreams
When most people go to sleep they either endure a dream or a nightmare. The question is, why? The reason behind it is explained in many ways but the most talked about is scientifically and/ or through theories. Austrian Physician, Sigmund Freud had an idea about the topic in his book called The Interpretation of Dreams. However, Scientists had a different approach dealing with how the brain interacts when ...view middle of the document...

During REM sleep the frontal lobes which are responsible for rational thinking and external stimuli show low activity. On the other hand, the limbic brain areas show a dramatic increase in activity, this fraction of the brain is linked to emotion, motivation, and memory (pg 148). So as rational thinking activity is radically decreased subconscious emotions and “wish fulfillment” occurs. According to Freud, this is the significance to every dreams (pg 151)
So why do some people have nightmare’s? Nightmare’s like dreams originate from the same place. However, nightmares are associated with more fear based emotions and thoughts that emerge from the subconscious. Some may have more repressed negative emotions, resulting in vivid nightmares of terror, embarrassment, or sense of helplessness. For example, there are studies that show factors such as age and gender contributing to nightmares. Another is women of all ages seem to have more nightmares in general than men. This could be a result of emotional conflict and past experiences caused by societal pressure placed on women. So perhaps it’s not specifically gender or age that produce nightmares but social pressures a certain sex or age group experiences (pg 150).
In Conclusion, there can be many reasons for what dreaming is, what they mean and why some people acquire nightmares. There are always scientific theories about dreams, but the best part is theories’ can change, be altered, and retested. Sigmund Freud had his theories and ideas about dreaming. To this day there has been many other thoughts and theories on the scientific meaning behind them, but no exact answer has been given.

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