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The Matrix And Monomyth Analysis

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The Matrix Analysis Using Campbell’s “Monomyth” Scheme
The Campbellian “monomyth” scheme has been used in many movies such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. The Matrix is no exception to this and is an excellent example of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth scheme. The scheme is broken up into three main categories with fifteen total subcategories. I will examine all fifteen and make an analysis of them individually.
The first category of the scheme is the Departure. The first subcategory is The Call to Adventure. Neo is summoned by Trinity through the computer to follow the “white rabbit”. A group of people knocked on Neo’s doorstep asking him to come out with them to a nightclub. He notices the ...view middle of the document...

The third section is “Supernatural Aid”. This comes in two forms during the movie and can be shown by Trinity informing Neo to go to the Lincoln Bridge. He is debugged by Trinity and taken to Morpheus’s safe house. The second form comes in the way of Morpheus informing Neo of the Matrix and how he feels about the life Neo has been leading up until this point in the movie. The representation of the Campbellian scheme in this scene shows Neo’s help and the information given to him by Trinity and Morpheus enlightens him about the upcoming decision he must make. The next category is The Crossing of the Threshold, which is the point of no return. The threshold guardian is Morpheus and this being the point of no return. Neo is to take either the red or blue pill to make a decision whither to stay or to wake up in his bed and forget whatever that has already happened. “The regions of the unknown are free fields for projections of unconscious content.” The final category in this section is the Belly of the Whale. The relationship of this idea and the Matrix can be depicted in the following scene. Neo is reborn into the Matrix where his body has been transformed and his muscles have atrophied. This shows Neo coming into his adventure properly. Campbell is quoted by “The idea that the passage of the magical threshold is a transit into a sphere of rebirth is symbolized in the worldwide womb image of the belly of the whale.”
The second main category of Campbell’s “Monomyth” scheme is Initiation. The first subcategory of this is The Road of Trials which “the hero faces many tests of courage, resilience, resourcefulness and intelligence.” There are three main areas where Neo is tested. The first being when he goes through nearly ten hours of training on the programs to learn all the martial arts movements. The second is the training session between himself and Morpheus. Morpheus teaches Neo to become more in touch with the world he is in and that the Matrix does not rely on rules to govern what is going on. The final test of Neo is when he is taught to jump in the Jump Program. The second part of the scheme which is actually two parts, Meeting with The Goddess and Woman as Temptation. The meeting with the Goddess is the scene with the Oracle and how she informs Neo of the decisions he must make in the coming events. The temptation of woman is the Matrix itself shown by the woman in the red dress or the growing feelings Neo has for Trinity. These distract Neo from obtaining his true transformation. The next scheme is the Atonement with the Father. “The Hero must face his deepest fears, must embrace the very annihilation of body and ego, to complete the ultimate transformation.” Neo refuses Trinity and Tank’s idea to kill Morpheus to save Zion from the information that the Agents were trying to leak out of Morpheus. This results in Neo taking on a government complex with guns and weaponry and attacking the three agents that held Morpheus. Apotheosis or “The...

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