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The Magician Essay

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All the children turned around to look at the one who said that. There, standing by himself, was Jason............ "Who said that said the man" his huge hands flaring and long white hair flying like it was caught in the wind "Who is going to eat the magic carrot with powers that are very strong so strong that they could serious damage to you mentally and or physically""Me" cried Jason "I will eat the magic carrot""Are you sure you can handle the powers this carrot can hold in store for you""I am quite sure about it, so please can you let me eat it"Oh, all ...view middle of the document...

Jason quickly stuffed all of the carrot in his mouth and after a couple of second's had passed he saw a bright light ahead of him. And it grew. And it grew and it grew and grew and as it grew it changed colour as almost like petrol in the setting summer sun. It engulfed him and as it did it turned him into a fluid like material he could do any type of movement he wanted, as he did not know how long this was going to last he did what he always wanted to do, be a gold medallist winner at the Olympics. All he thought of was that he would do a couple of summersaults but what he didn't expect was that he would lose his chance. As he started the bright light un-engulfed him and became a shrinking bright white light that finished as the man's flowing white hairWhen he had returned the bell had rung and the children had gone home but the man was still there, sitting at the back of the room in the shadows so all you could see was that twinkle in his eyes, waiting for him to return"How was it then?" he asked"Who was that?" Jason shakily asked as he got up off the stage and brushed himself do

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