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The Lumen And Absorb Teams At Crutchfield Chemical Engineering

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The case in hand draws up a picture of a large corporation in the middle of a downsizing phase. However Crutchfield Chemical Engineering faced concerns apart from the downsizing. Particularly in reference to the motivation levels and performance of all the five R&D teams.
According to the survey conducted by McKinty which gauged the daily intrinsic motivation of each team member across all the 5 teams by using a set of qualitative and quantitative questions. There was a sharp difference between two elite technology development teams in terms of creativity and motivation, mostly attributed to the efforts of respective team leaders, Lumen possessing a transformational leader ...view middle of the document...

Since the team was working on patents without any positive results they felt the job did not stimulate the creativity which affected the motivation levels. The sense of achievement was also low. Hence the team was still struggling in the belonging phase and was not able to move into the self-esteem phase of the Maslow hierarchy.

Relating to Two factor theory
In Lumen’s case dissatisfiers such as the downsizing phase, lack of manpower and the strong interpersonal relationships, rigid management, encouragement from the lead was overcome by other factors. Satisfiers such as sense of achievement, responsibility and intrinsic interest were very high and kept the motivation levels of the team high.

In Absorb’s case, strong dis satisfiers were present already some of which were external and not in the employee’s hands like downsizing along with salary crunches and rigid management and administrative policies .However unlike in the case of Lumen team, Absorb team did not have good interpersonal relationship which further led to distress and lack of morale. This shows that although the management provides...

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