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The Lottery And The Destructors Essay

889 words - 4 pages


Compare And Contrast
Randall W. Ames
ENG 102
Liberty University


I. Introduction
II. Setting the atmosphere
III. Society’s responsibility for how protagonist behave
IV. Tessie’s Struggle to be accepted vs. Trevor’s need to rebel
V. Morality- a debate for modern-day societies
VI. Conclusion

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III. The environmental cause for how protagonists behave
Trevor and Tessie are largely products of their environments and their behavior is not as surprising as one might be inclined to think when considering that they were practically forced to take on particular attitudes as a result of the communities that they have lived in.

Tessie has been participating in the village lottery for years and believes it is not actually dangerous for her to part taking yet another nostalgic event. Similarly, Trevor’s financial status and social level influenced him and thinking that is perfectly justifiable for him to persecute more privileged individuals as a result of the fact that they have had far better opportunities than he.
Society is to blame for the behavior that both Trevor and Tessie participated in, it implemented its values into their thinking and made them express their feelings in ways that they consider would reflect positively on themselves. Tessie feels that it is vital for her to be seen as a member of her community and Trevor believes that someone needs to suffer for his life's problems, regardless or not if that person is responsible.

IV. Tessie’s desire to be accepted vs. Trevor's need to rebel
While Tessie loves being part of the village, Trevor feels that those around him treated him cruelly and that it would be pointless for him to try and belong as long as life is much easier for individuals who have a much higher social status than he. Tessie is even willing to risk her life just in order be seen as an active member of her community. In contrast, Trevor considers that he has nothing to do with...

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