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The Lost Diamond – My Personal Narrative Creative Writing

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The sky was gray and I felt the humid rain hit the shadows of my face. I was standing in line at the New Delhi Airport in India awaiting the arrival of my father with my boarding pass as I felt the side of my head and noticed I was missing a diamond from my ear. My head was hurting because I had nothing to eat the night before when I found my sister weeping because I had to leave. My gut was churning and all I could think about was the affect this will take on my little sister. The crowd scattered to my senseless blunder as I screamed loudly. I frantically looked all over the dark grounds to find something sparkle or anything that glowed brightly to strike me with a beam of hope, but no, it ...view middle of the document...

Little did I know that this would be my last opportunity to show him honor and respect. He grabbed at me before the tips of my hands could touch his feet and brought me up close to his heart. He hugged me and told me to take care and remember the morals and ethics he taught me all through my life. I agreed and broke my promise as I left his shoulder soaked with the tears from my eyes.The aircraft was full of unknown faces. They all looked like aliens to me like people from other places even though I knew they were from my own beloved country. I sat alone, facing the window looking outside, trying to find my fathers face, but I knew I had to stop searching as the tears from my face dripped down the small, oval window. I fell asleep and awoke when we arrived at a country that I had never traveled to before: Amsterdam, Germany. The people looked so pale and lost in their own world of despair. I sat at the terminal waiting for my next flight to arrive. Little did I know that I would have to wait for 6 hours before I depart for America. I was afraid and anxious all at the same time. I was thinking about what happened back at the New Delhi Airport and I was worried about the effects losing my diamond would have on my future. I was hungry since the last time I ate was 2 nights before. A man was standing across from where I sat selling food. I had no clue what the exchange rate was and I was worried that I had enough rupees to buy myself something to munch on. I approached the man and noticed he was selling a hot dog. In my country they are made out of potatoes, peas and onions and shaped like a hot dog. I thought he was selling the same type of hot dog so I purchased one. It looked so delicious and I had an appetite the size...

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