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The Lodging Industry Essay

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The Lodging Industry What do all travel and tourism businesses have in common? How does the hospitality industry relate to the travel and tourism industry? The hospitality industry is part of a larger enterprise known as the travel and tourism industry. The travel and tourism industry is a vast group of businesses with one common goal: providing necessary or desired products and services to travelers. What are four general ways of classifying hotels? Why can hotels fit into more than once category? There are many ways to classify hotels. The categories discussed in this chapter are based on hotel size, target markets, levels of service, and ownership and affiliation. Hotels are typically ...view middle of the document...

What is world-class service? what personnel are employed in a world class hotel? What is an executive floor? World class service sometimes called luxury service- target top business executives, entertainment celebrities, high ranking political gifures, and wealthy clientele as their primary markets.

An Executive floors. In some hotels, certain floors are designated to provide some of the hotel's guest with world-class attention. What is a unique advantage of an independent hotel how might independent hotels be at a disadvantage? A unique advantage of an independent hotel is its autonomy. Since there is no need to adhere to a particular image, an independent operator can offer a flexibility inherent in a smaller organization often allows the independent changing market conditions hotel to quickly adapt. How might a management contract be involved in the development of a hotel? What are the differences between a franchise and a referral group? Assuming the hotel management company is acceptable to the lenders, a management contract would be signed by the developers and the management company. Franchising is simply a method of distribution whereby on entity that has developed a particular pattern or format for doing business Referral groups consist of independent hotels that have banded together for some common...

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