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The Loaded Dog Distinctively Visual Essay

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The short story “The Loaded Dog”, written by Henry Lawson in 1901 displays a significant aspect of distinctively visual through Lawson’s effective and apparent use of imagery. Lawson’s effective use of imagery stimulates the reader’s five senses in order for the audience to visualize what is actually happening. Such a notion of distinctively visual is evident in Lawson’s childhood where he contracted a condition that affected his eyesight negatively, thus he relied heavily on his eyesight when writing his short stories such as The Loaded Dog. Therefore, it is apparent throughout the story that the concepts of distinctively visual have manifested and ...view middle of the document...

Lawson additionally uses auditory imagery to demonstrate the concepts of distinctively visual. This can be seen in the quote “Dave roared and cursed at the dog…” which is employed to trigger our sense of hearing as it allows the reader to visualize what Lawson is attempting to portray in the events throughout the short story. The words “roared and cursed” emphasis the tension in the situation with the dog in possession of a highly explosive cartridge which is effectively portrayed through Lawson employment of auditory imagery. Therefore it is evident that Lawson’s apparent use of different types of imagery from auditory to visual imagery makes evident of the distinctively visual idea, due to allowing the audience to transport themselves in the situation the characters find themselves in throughout the short story.

Similarly, Lawson’s further use of different types of imagery allows for the concept of distinctively visual to become more apparent within the short story, The Loaded Dog. Lawson’s further use of auditory imagery and personification demonstrates further of the notion of distinctively visual, allowing the audience to immerse themselves within the character. This is evident in the quote “the cartridge still in his mouth and the fuse spluttering”. Such use of personification in the word “spluttering” within the quote brings attention towards the reader of the intensity of the situation the characters are facing. Furthermore, Lawson’s employment of auditory imagery allows the...

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