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The Life Of Street Racing Essay

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Street racing has often been seen as a sport that attracts the wild adrenaline junkies out there. This sport sometimes portrays a picture that is far from the truth, many people think it is just filled with rebellious teenagers looking for trouble. Although this at times this may not be far from the truth there is much more going on behind closed doors then people realize. This sport often takes a lot of collaboration, planning, cohesion, and a deep understanding of the mechanical works of an automobile. The desire to rebuild a working machine from the ground up according to your own personal specification in order to beat your opponent is what drives them.

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and Steinhardt, Dale A. (2006). A night filled with fun and adrenaline can quickly end with catastrophic corollaries. Whether you are street racing spontaneously or going to a well-planned and coordinated event, the consequences can be the same. Legal penalties are one of the most common problems for street racers. Although racers can be very intelligent and well prepared in order to avoid law enforcement, the legal systems have become aware of their strategies and have found ways around them. For example, instead of uniformed officers or marked police cars, the police departments send out officers in plain clothes as if they were a part of the crowd, and armed with video recorders to catch the drivers in action. Once convicted, legal penalties include citations that carry extremely high fines, imprisonment, car impoundment, revoked license and cancellation of insurance. In fact, you do not have to be the actual racer for the consequences to be applied to you. Understanding street racing. Vingilis E, Smart RG, Traffic Injury Prevention 2009 Apr; Vol. 10 (2), pp. 148-56. If you are convicted of aiding and abetting a street race, or even a spectator, you can find yourself in one of these legal binds.
A punishment that is very common, yet less heard of, are the family issues that arise when a significant other is exceedingly involved in illegal street racing. These problems occur because once an individual gets deeply engaged with this hobby; they tend to spend the majority of their time and finances on their projects. Many street racers do in fact have families that may include spouses and children. This hobby that is extremely exciting to the participants can be a way of relaxation and pastime, but to their families, it could be more of a death sentence and just a way of emptying the bank account. “Efforts from police to discourage racing cause an increase in accidents during the races.” Graham, Tyler. Rolling Stone, 11/11/2004, Issue 961. Street racing cannot only get you in trouble legally but will more than likely cause unnecessary distress within a family. Unfortunately, street racing plays a big part in...

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