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The Life Of Me Essay

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Stanley Blanc
English IV

Pygmalion Stereotype & Social Class Essay
This play was written in order to challenge the social class system which is "Upper Class" "Middle Class" "Low Class", along with stereotypes and sexism. In this Era it was to be believed as the Victorian times, where the Rich were separated from the poor while they are there polar opposite, from money, clothing, lifestyle, the riches way of speech compared to the poor. The Rich speak more than one language, such as French, while the poor struggle to even manage the basic English language. The Poor Living conditions were overcrowded , low chance of education, along with the fact they didn't have a ...view middle of the document...

Pygmalion was based upon the myth of Ovid Metamorphoses, which means the artist falls in love with what he creates. in this sense it is Higgins who later falls in love with the fair Eliza who was a roughly flower girl and one might say a street smart women into a duchess so he may win his bet against Pickering, Higgins forget that Eliza is a human being that also has feelings and has her own free will along with opinions and thoughts and she can walk out when she pleases. George Bernad Shaw has incorporated Ovid Metamorphoses into his play. Stated from before there were and still are three social classes Upper, Middle, Lower. Upper Class shows of the upper elite also known as the life of the party always going to parties owning large amount of housing and riding around towns in taxis all day. Middle class was literally in the middle which means not rich or not poor, they could probably work for the higher class while being paid nice for their line of work there children could attend private schools if they had the money for it. Unlike the two previous classes the lower class couldn't afford an education they would be fortunate enough just to be able to read and write. Shaw shows the social class system as a difficult way of living and having the upper class which in actual reality oblivious to the fact that there is such a thing as a lower class. Higgins who is of upper class called Eliza the following "Baggage", “blackguard.” and the most hurtful "incarnate insult to the human language" along with “squashed cabbage leaf”. Mrs. Pearce Suggest that Higgins should be able to transform Eliza to a duchess he must act like a man of high / upper class and own up to his title in order to win his bet with Pickering. Mrs. Preace - " Yes, sir. Then might I ask you not to come down to breakfast in your dressing-gown, or at any rate not to use it as a napkin to the extent you do, sir. And if you would be so good as not to eat everything off the same plate, and to remember not to put the porridge saucepan out of your hand on the clean tablecloth, it would be a better example to the girl. You know you nearly choked yourself with a fishbone in the jam only last week. (2.188)." In Act One while Eliza is leaving the garden for Drury Lane she goes up to a taxi and tells the cab driver " “I’m going home in a taxi!” but due to social issues the cab driver sees Eliza way of dressing and assumes she can't afford a taxi so he then locks the door against him even though she has the money for it. The cab driver assumes Eliza is a prostitute so he allows her in only but when she steps out the cab driver says " Keep the shilling… with love from all at home.” it shows that even the cab driver is above Eliza and he doesn't believe she couldn't pay the cab fare. While Eliza is recruited into Higgins house she ask sir Higgins if he can teach her the formal English language he responds by saying "Why this is the female I jotted down last night. She's no use... Be off...

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