The Life Of Joseph Essay

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The Life of Joseph
Joseph was born to Jacob and Rachel after she had been unable to have children for seven years. Joseph was Jacob’s 11th son, and his favorite, born when he was very old. Jacob made Joseph a beautiful robe that had many colors in it. Jacob would often send Joseph to spy on his brothers and to report back to him any behavior that was considered inappropriate. The brothers knew Joseph was watching them and their hatred for him grew even more for telling Jacob what they were doing. Joseph also had special dreams in which he could predict things that would happen in the future. When Joseph told the brothers of his dreams, they wanted to know what he could see. He told them ...view middle of the document...

Jacob mourned Joseph’s death for many days, no one able to console him.
The traders took Joseph to Egypt where Potiphar, an officer to Pharaoh bought him. Joseph was well liked by Potiphar so he designated him to run the house and to be his own personal assistant. Potiphar’s wife thought Joseph was very handsome and tried to seduce him. Joseph turned her away several times because he was very loyal to Potiphar. She could not stand to be refused by Joseph, so she grabbed Joseph’s clothing and ripped off a piece. He ran out of the house, leaving that piece of cloth in her hand. She began telling all of the servants that Joseph had tried to seduce her, and eventually Potiphar was told. He was furious at Joseph’s betrayal and sentenced him to prison with all of the king’s prisoners.
Joseph became very friendly with the chief jailor, who eventually put him in charge of all of the prisoners. Among these prisoners were Pharaoh’s butler and baker. One night the butler and baker had strange dreams. They had been told of Joseph’s ability to tell the meaning of dreams, so they asked him to interpret their dreams. Joseph told the butler that in 3 days Pharaoh would bring him back to continue his duties at the house. This amazed the baker and he wanted to know what his dream meant. Joseph told him, in 3 days, you will be beheaded and you will be food to the birds. In 3 days, just as Joseph had told them, the butler got his job back and the baker was killed. Joseph asked the butler to remember him and to let the Pharaoh know that he could tell him what his dreams meant too. Joseph had hoped that when Pharaoh heard this that he would set him free, but the butler never mentioned Joseph to Pharaoh.
Two years had come and gone when Pharaoh himself had 2 dreams that the magician could not interpret. This reminded the butler of Joseph, so he told him about Joseph and how he had interpreted his dreams in the years before. Pharaoh brought Joseph, who by now was 30 years old to the house and asked him to tell him what these dreams meant. He began telling Pharaoh that the crops were going to be very good for the next seven years, and then there would be as many years of famine. Joseph suggested to Pharaoh that he appoint a commissioner to watch over the land. This commissioner was to assign others to collect grain while it was plentiful and put it away for the years that there would be nothing. Pharaoh was so impressed with Joseph that he made him second in command. Pharaoh dressed Joseph in linen and placed a gold chain around his neck. Pharaoh gave him his ring and changed his name, now calling him Zaphenath – paneuh. Pharaoh chose Asenath, the daughter of the Priest of On to be Joseph’s bride.
Joseph went all over Egypt collecting as much grain as he could get from each city. It was during this time that he and Asenath had two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Manasseh was the first born. They chose this name because God made him forget all of his trouble and...

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