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The Life Of Jesus And The Followers/Adherents Of Today

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The Life of Jesus and the Followers/Adherents of Christianity Today

Christianity is the name given to a religion based on the first century CE life and ministry of Jesus if Nazareth. The followers of Jesus claimed that he was Jewish Messiah-the Anointed One, the long awaited deliverer sent to the people of Israel by God to bring hope and salvation. During that first century, the followers of Jesus broke away from Judaism and, what we now identify as Christianity, spread throughout the regions controlled by the Roman Empire and established itself as a tradition separate form Judaism. Early Christianity was centered on life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth as told through the ...view middle of the document...

The Bible is accepted by Christians as authoritative for belief and practice. The Bible is also commonly referred to as “Scripture” and “Holy Scripture”. The Bible is divided into the Hebrew or Jewish Scriptures- the Old Testament- and the Christian Scriptures- the New Testament. The Jewish Scriptures contain thirty-nine books from the Jewish tradition, while the Christian scriptures contain twenty-seven early Christian works.

Al variants of Christianity view the Bible as the basic source of belief and practice. Some Christian churches, however, hold differing views on the relationship between the Bible and tradition, and the function of modern interpretation of the Bible. The Bible is the central sacred text for Christians, especially because of its role in the everyday life of believers/followers. The Bible is the basis for many major Christian beliefs; it is used in the liturgy of Christianity; it is the basis for prayer; and it provides the guidelines for the behaviour of Christians. It is particularly in the context of sacramental liturgy or worship that the Bible is viewed as important and sacred, for it is here that Christians at the same time read from the Bible and celebrate that Eucharist, Mass and Lord’s Supper. The Bible teaches them about the nature of God and the ministry and teachings of Jesus.

The Bible has a role in every aspect of the everyday life of believers. Various texts are used during the basic rituals and sacraments of the Christian life cycle from baptism through initiation, Eucharist, marriage, ordination, sickness and death. The same range of texts is also used in the liturgical cycle of each Christian Church, especially during the Eucharist or Last Supper. In addition, Christian sacred texts and writings are also central to the thoughts, morality and ethics of believers. For example, they help believers to better understand how to make decisions, therefore develop a strong sense of morality, and how to act in certain situations. Also, Christian sacred texts underpin their practices of prayer and meditation. Sacred and devotional texts are also used in domestic rituals such as grace before meals, prayers and bedtime, and the blessing of the homes.

Christian ethics refer to those moral norms that are seen to be distinctive of Christianity. Moral norms are guidelines that help the Christian to reflect on his/her moral life and on what actions he/she should take in certain situations. Christian ethic teachings are based on the belief that the human...

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