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How Plutarch saw Alexander the Great?
Alexander of Macedon is the one of the most well known historical persons of the past. His life and conquers are examples of strong spirit and great will. Ancient biographer and philosopher Plutarch offers us a priceless information about Alexander in his work “The life of Alexander”. By this work, we are able to imagine what kind of person was Alexander whose ambitions was too big for this world.
According to the text, beginning with the years of his youth, Alexander has an aspiration to become the lord of whole world. Nevertheless he did not want just to inherit this title, obtaining it by a splendid campaigns was his dream. Plutarch writes that ...view middle of the document...

Alexander did not even tried to see them, but he provided them safe living and privileges as if they were still queen and princesses. Here we are able to see how generous Alexander was, he allowed these women to take anything they wanted. His generousness was not limited with providing protection and goods to women, he also shared his own treasures with his soldiers, if it was required.
Games, wine, women, gold all of it was not something that can not be abandoned by him. This makes a contrast with the other kings not only of his time, but also with the monarchs of whole history, because it is usual for them to live joyful life as they are the most powerful people in the country. But Alexander did not shared this opinion. Not only Alexander kept moderate way of life, but he also demanded to take an example of him from all people in his surrounding.
Also, Plutarch talks about Alexander's skills of ruling the army that brought him a lot of victories, sometimes almost without loses in his own army. Author...

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