The Life Of A Custom Agent

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The Life of a US Custom Agent

Luis Rey
Intro to Criminal Justice
CJ100 Jorge Martinez

The United States of America is neighbored by two countries— Canada and Mexico. There are agencies that protect our borders from crime, agricultural diseases, and any other illegal activity. Customs and Border Protection, ICE, ICE-HSI, and various other departments handle these cases. It may seem to some that these agents don’t get to do as much as other law enforcement agencies. The truth is people don’t know custom agents are an integral part of our day to day lives as U.S. citizens. For this reason, I had the pleasure to interview agent John Smith, a CBP agent ...view middle of the document...

Smith said “those systems are for annual crime rates”. When dealing with these crimes, Smith must report to his supervisor, followed by his chief, the watch commander, and then the port commander.
“Many times justice is served, but there are those times when criminals walk free,” Smith said. Certain cases, required Smith to use his professional judgment to be careful on who to accuse of a crime they didn’t commit. “If I feel an individual is avoiding eye contact, giving me short answers, shaking, nervous, or sweating, then I will make the personal judgment to continue questioning them, or release them” Smith said. He also said, “without individual rights, people could be wrongly accused of a crime with no investigation or evidence. I believe that if my safety or the public’s safety would be in danger, we should be able to oversee our individual rights.”
If a crime is committed, agents can and will turn certain cases over to ICE, or Immigration Customs Enforcement. Smith said, “ICE then either accepts or denies the cases”. “Once ICE conducts an investigation and gathers enough evidence, they then present the case to the courts and continue to adhere with the criminal justice procedure,” Smith added.
While CBP-BP has been extremely different...

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