The Life And Work Of Ѕigmund Frеud

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The Life and Work of Ѕigmund Frеud
Ѕigmund Frеud was a practicing physician and graduate of Vienna Medical Ѕсhool. He became a well trained in medicine, and became interested in mental disorders. Frеud has a wide variety of theories and in the 21ѕt century there is much controversy over whether the theories are credible or not. Although his theories are controversial, his work is significant throughout the world and he has become the father of psychoanalysis.
Ѕigmund Frеud was born on May 6, 1856 in Czech Republic, but soon moved to Vienna where he lived for over half his life. In 1938, when Nazis took power, Frеud escaped to England where he spent the remainder of his life. ...view middle of the document...

One of his first works was co-written with Jоѕеf Brеuеr, the Studies on Hysteria.
Freud’s personality was one of obsessive traits. It is said that "most people of outstanding intellectual achievement exhibit traits of personality which psychiatrist label obessional; that is, they are meticulous, scrupulous, accurate, reliable, honest, and much concerned with cleanliness, control and order. He acknowledged that he was obsessive, once writing to a friend that he needed a dominating passion. Frеud, like his typical personiality, was very neat in appearance; he had a barber attend to him daily. In his early years, while he was poor, he never owned more than three suits, three pairs of shoes, and three sets of under clothes. Later in life, when he was successful, he could not tolerate owing money to anyone; and although he charged a high price for his patients, he was very generous with the less fortunate. Frеud, also to his personality, was very superstitious about number, once writing to a friend that he would die around the age of 61 or 62. One of his major traits of obsessive-compulsive personality was his habit addition to smoking. Although he had health complications in his later years, he continued to smoke; he could not quit. At the age of 67, he developed cancer, probably due to his smoking. He refused any painkillers early on because he thought it would interfere with his thinking. By June 1939, his jaw was ulcerating, causing a smell so foul that even his beloved pet chow would run away in disgust. Frеud was in great pain, could hardly speak or hold his pen, yet he remained distinguished, impeccably groomed, invariably courteous, and worked whenever possible, reinforcing his obsessive personality even at his death bed. Frеud died on the morning of September 23, 1939.
Freud’s ideas were challenging, and attracted many students interested in what he had to say. His works were particularly perplexing to the behaviorist, and declared that people are often subject to forces of which they are not aware. Frеud wrote that many of people ѕ behaviors and expressions were of instinctive strivings. Ѕigmund Frеud brought the psychoanalytic approach to psychology. Frеud founded the psychoanalytic society in Vienna. This is why he can be called the Father of Psychoanalysis. His main approach was focused on human...

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