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"The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" By Washington Irving Icabod Crane

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This story takes place in Tarry Town also known as Sleep Hollow, New York alongthe Hudson River. Ichabod Crane is a main character who is the teacher. He is very tall with long arms and legs and is originally from Connecticut. The inhabitants were descendents of Dutch settlers. The people act like they are under a spell. They hear voices and see strange sights. The most famous ghost that haunts Sleepy Hollow is the Headless Horseman. He may have been a Hessian soldier whose head was shot off by a cannon ball. He is in a hurry to arrive back at the scene of the battle to try to locate his head and then get back to the church yard where he is buried before the sun comes up. Whoever moves into this region eventually begins seeing these ghostly images.Ichabod Crane was a strict disciplinarian. He picked on the kids who pretended to be tough. He left the weak kids along. ...view middle of the document...

He was a great horseback rider. Ichabod and Brom fought over Katrina. A feud rose between the two over the girl. Brom wanted to fight in a duel over the girl but Ichabod knew he was no match for him so refused. Brom played jokes on Ichabod and made a fool of him.There was a party at Van Tassel mansion. Ichabod borrowed a horse named Gunpowder to ride to the party. When he arrived at the party, Brom looked like a hero but Ichabod knew how to dance and danced the entire night with Katrina while Brom sat watching jealous.Old Brruwer was a man who didn't believe in ghosts was made to ride behind the Headless Horseman until they reached the bridge where he threw him into the stream and he turned into a skeleton.The farmers were sitting around the fire telling ghost stories and smoking their pipes. Ichabod was telling stories from his book by the author Cotton Mather. The party broke up and Ichabod got on the horse to return home. It was midnight. He came to Wiley's Swamp and wanted Gunpowder to cross the bridge but the horse was spooked and kept going to the side of the bridge into the bushes. He saw a huge black figure. It appeared to be a horseman mounted on a black horse. Gunpowder finally started to run but the figure began running right alongside him. He was panicked. When they came into view of the moon, Ichabod saw the horseman was headless and he was holding his head in his saddle in front of him. Ichabod rode his horse even faster but his saddle came loose and fell off. Ichabod had to hold around the horse so he wouldn't fall off. As they came across the bridge near the church, the Headless Horseman threw his head at Ichabod hitting him in the head and knocking him off the horse. They never found his body.A farmer later told the people of Sleepy Hollow that Ichabod left Sleepy Hollow because he was afraid of this Headless Horseman and he was ashamed. He became a lawyer, a politician and finally a judge and ended up marrying Katrina. They people of Sleepy Hollow changed the road so you don't have to go over that haunted bridge.

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