The Legalization Of Drugs In North America

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Drugs - the issue is wholly controversial, and the debate not entirely without merit. It is hard to see exactly what the answer should be, without looking at all the facts; even then, many "experts" fluctuate between a "Yes" and a "No" answer. Granted, there are many sides to the problem; however, with the decriminalization of marijuana seemingly within reach, the debate for whether all illicit drugs should be decriminalized or even legalized has gotten more intense. There are many facets, but there can be only one answer; there is a need for either harsher penalties or the decriminalization or even legalization of illicit drugs. Legalization, however, is the only practical way to bring any ...view middle of the document...

" What causes these "simpler crimes?" "Criminologists agree that there is a strong link between property crimes and drugs...even if drug addicts make up a small proportion of all offenders, their need to feed their habit means they will usually commit far more offences than non-addicted burglars." The point being, addicts have to support their habit even if it is not legal, and this means doing whatever is necessary. If addicts are obtaining illegal drugs, what is to stop them from committing other illegal crimes? It is obvious that their conscience does not come into play. So what exactly are we accomplishing? We criminalize drugs, spend money to punish offenders who are then released back to their previous lifestyle to commit the same crimes again. Punishment does not seem to be the answer, and neither does prohibition. In the 1920s, it was believed that the Prohibition would halt the consumption of alcohol. In reality, "the law could not quell the continuing demand for alcoholic products. Thus, where legal enterprises could no longer supply the demand, an illicit traffic developed, from the point of manufacture to consumption." Prohibition led to the creating of more problems, rather than the other way around.It is painfully obvious that the so-called "War on Drugs" has not solved the problem, nor has it eradicated the consequences. Should we not look for another solution? Legalization is the only practical ways to bring about solutions. Why is that?Looking back to the issue of Prohibition, the answer is evident. Although argued that legalization would increase the number of addicts, it is not certain. Conversely, it has been made abundantly clear that "forbidden fruit is attractive, particularly to the young." Prohibition...

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