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The Legal, Social, And Econimc Environment Of A Business

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Hello fellow classmates my name is Petrina and I am a single mother at the age of 39 never been married and I have 7 children with one grandson he's 2 and they go as follows my 19,18,16,14,14,are all boys, one is about to graduate from high school in May of this year, and two will be graduating to 9th grade this year then I have a 12 and 10 year old, my daughters one is in the 6th grade going to the 7th grade the other will be graduating to the 6th grade this year. I am furthering my education not only to show my kids that its never to late to pursue your goals and dreams in life no matter the age that you can always go back but I am also completing this degree because it is my passion and a very hard goal I am trying to obtain at my age. Since I ...view middle of the document...

While managing that I also had a child under the age of one which would have been my last child made it even more difficult and challenging, but I stuck through the challenging times and struggles and I finally graduated in December of 2004.
Now that I am back in school with older children it gets harder and more critical. I plan to keep on past my Bachelors until I receive a my degree for Nursing specializing in Neonatal Nursing. I believe that this course in business will help me to venture out and know that I have the skills and knowledge to possibly start my own business at some point in time. I plan to take this course and learn as much as I can from it to better my business prospect of it.
By attending AIU I found the library and the labs to be of much help. I also like the fact that the instructors have the kindness in their hearts to provide guides and labs and other resources to help us out with the assignments given. All in all I really like the help I am receiving and have received thus far from AIU on-line.
Response to (legal, social, economic):
Bolander states "A business operates within a legal framework that, for the most part, works. This legal framework has a long history and many reams of laws and regulations that will make your head spin. At some point, most companies will have to deal with some sort of legal issue related to their business. Don’t be afraid of this. I won’t lie. It’s scary when someone wants to sue your company but the legal system, for all it faults and issues, does provide a reasonable framework for resolving business disputes."
Bolander, Jarie. The Daily MBA. 2013. Retrieved from: disputes.://

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