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The Legacy Of Sydney Olympic Essay

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Title: The impact of major games on hosting city:
The case of Sydney Olympics

Olympic Games had developed and now become one of the most significant international sporting event (Malfas, M et al. 2004), from the first Olympic games host in Athens in 1896, a lot of countries wants to win the bid of hosting this event in their country. For the 2012 Olympic games, there are nine countries that showed they are interested in bidding the Olympic games. However, five countries were qualified by Internetional Olympic Committee (IOC) and London won the bid of hosting 2012 Olympic games eventually. "To win a bid to host an Olympic Games a city must develop a plan that is attractive both to the ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of this journay report is about knowing the infrastructure and the sport participation legacy in Australia after the Sydney Olympic 2000. The infrastructure legacy it focus on the Sydney Olympic Park,this is one of the tangiable legacy, as it is the main bulding people can see and the first thing to think about of Sydney Olympic. And sport participant legacy, that is one of the intangible legacy. The Post-Games life of this legacy, they are facing the problem of sport participant by increasing funding of the sport.

What is Legacy

Legacy can be devided by positive and negative legacy, tangible and intangiable leagcy, benign and malign basically, Olympic legacies are the things left behind after the games over in the city, there are a large number of Olympic 'event legacies' which became the responsibility of governments, sports organisations and commiuties after that Games. These'legacies' embrace a promiscuous assemblage of hope for outcomes covering. (Mangan, J.A. 2008)

The importance of Legacy

In every Olympic Games, government has to build up a lot of new sport facilities to meet the needs of the games, only the Olympic stadium: London Olympic Stadium has spent 496 million pounds ( HKD 6 billion) and the stadium Australia, now called ANZ stadium in sydney has spent A$670 million ( HKD 5.3 billion) to biuld up the venue(Reuters 2007), moreover, they have to spend more money on the facilities after the games on development by enhancing the participantion of facilities. ANZ stadium has spent extra A$80 million by government after Olympic Games. One of the investment is from tax payer, though the Olympic Games is not about making profit, it shouldn't be a burden of the country as of the bills of the facilities will keep paying. Therefore, all the facilities have left behlind after the games can be continued using in stead of being waste, as that are costly to maintain.
1991 The World Student Games has been held at Sheffield in UK, new don valley stadium and new swimming pool were built, unfortunately, the cost of building work has spent 147 million pronds, but it left tax payer with 10 million pounds bill, that the citizen have to pay by the tax even now. (RICS research 2011)

Positive and Negative Legacy

Obviously, image positioning can be made by hosting Olympic Games, as "the winner immediately becomes known worldwide and is given a kick-start into development." (Hill,C.R 1996) And also, it could be improved the infrastucture, facilities and tourism etc.
Cashmen,R (2002) pointed that the supportors of Olympic Games argued about those benifits could be negative impact such as overcrowding. increased costs and taxes even discruption due to Olympic-related building. In addition, hidden and unpredicted burdens might be happened if the Games are perceived to be unsucessful leading to criticism of a city or there are an unexpected burden, such as terrorist attack.

The legacy could be positive and negative...

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