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The Legacy Of John Adams Essay

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The Legacy of John Adams

In the early history of the United States, many founding fathers and people before them helped shape the underpinning for our nation’s liberty. Of the founding fathers and persons who were essential in the naissance of the great nation known today as the United States of America, John Adams is undoubtedly one of the most vital of them all. John Adams by David McCullough did not only do Adams’ life story justice, it also painted the man and his works so vividly in every bit of glory he deserves. The period of the 1700s was one filled with fear of the nation’s former paternal country and also full of desire for independence. It was through Adams’ hard determination ...view middle of the document...

I believe it was through his sincere love for the country and his fortitude in preserving all the values we today hold dear that he was able to lead the nation through harsh trials, such as evading a war. “Our obligations to our country never cease but with out lives.” This quote said by John Adams shows evidence enough of these things.
In the biography, rare is the instance in which McCullough critically assesses Adams’ actions, as he was in complete awe and praise of the man as evident throughout the entirety of the book. In the words of McCullough, “few Americans ever achieved so much of such value and consequence to their country in so little time.” (163) this quote was directly talking about the arduous work done by Adams in congress and the respect and admiration he had gained by many of his colleagues in congress. Another close friend of Adams, Benjamin Rush, once wrote of him, “this illustrious patriot has not his superior, scarcely his equal for abilities and virtue on the whole continent of America.” (163) Quotes such as these are apparent verification that McCullough was completely in praise of Adams.
Though it may be argued that many other early Americans also contributed as much as Adams’ did in the establishment of this country, it must also be argued that Adams’ role was amongst the most impacting and influential. Although the thought...

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