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The Leadership Challenge” Essay

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Chapter 10 “The leadership Challenge”
What are the key points for the chapter/article?

What did I learn?

How will I apply the knowledge?

Encourage the heart. Leaders give heart by visibly recognizing people’s contributions to the common vision.
With a thank you notes, a smile and public praise, the leader lets others know how much they mean to the organization. The importance of the leader is to make people feel like heroes.
The real leaders are in love – in love with people who do the work, with what their organization produce, and with their customers.
Expect the best
Personalize recognition
Exemplary leader create the positive affirmation in organization it ...view middle of the document...

“Goals help people to keep the eyes on the vision”.
People need to know that they making progress toward the goal. It also help to understand the big picture.
Feedback is at the center of any learning process.
People hanger for positive feedback . In fact, people actually would prefer to hear bad news rather than no news at all.
Without feedback you don’t know the weather if you are getting close to your goal.
For example for Russian cloture is typical problem, when people want to look good more than they want to get good.
Encouragement is the highest form of feedback .
Recognition should be personalized; otherwise it will be forgotten.
You should be able to recognize their achievement and make feel trusted and valued. It has to be personal, precise, and visible.
For example if your employees speaks other languages. It is good to learn few words in another language, and learning about what sort of treat would be special for.
According group of researchers, the group of friends are more effective than group of acquaintances
To become a fully trusted, you...

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