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The Leader Of The Free World

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The Leader of the Free World

America is a country that prides itself on active, modern leadership, and Americans, being some of the most outspoken people on the planet, are constantly judging those in positions of authority. So it is not a far stretch to say that the President of the United States is the most criticized man on Earth; and Barack Obama has definitely felt the heat thus far in his presidency. Obama has been both bashed and praised more than any other man in over fifty years. This notoriety does not suggest that he is a poor president. On the contrary, people are speaking out because of their fear of the overwhelming amount of change that Barack Obama has enacted in his ...view middle of the document...

Judis argues that not only has “the flow of expertise into the federal bureaucracy over the past year been reminiscent of what took place at the start of the New Deal,” but also that this improvement has become Obama’s most impactful move since becoming president (Judis 16). Obama has gotten rid of the bureaucrats and politicians who have headed up these agencies for the past seventy years, and he has put state-level leading scientists in their places. Obama has also increased the power of these regulatory agencies, even giving some of them cabinet positions. The effectiveness of Obama’s transition from political leaders to scientific leaders can best be seen by comparing what happened during hurricane Katrina with hurricane Irene. The slow and uncoordinated response that FEMA had during the hurricane Katrina incident caused hundreds of deaths that could have been avoided had preparations been made. As if to add insult to injury, FEMA had just confirmed that New Orleans could handle a serious hurricane during the hurricane Pam exercise just a year earlier. With Obama’s new staff in control of FEMA, east coast states and Caribbean countries were coached as hurricane Irene approached from the east. As a result only 56 lives were lost due to the hurricane. Obama’s ability to enact appropriate change is truly unmatched by any president since Roosevelt.
Continuing with that spirit of change, President Barack Obama tackled the monumental problem of affordable, public health care. Public access to health care has always been a problem in America during times of economic trouble. During the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt had to deal with a large number of people without health care. According to Frisch, Roosevelt’s primary goal during his first term in office was to act upon the Preamble and Taxation clauses of the Constitution and ensure welfare nationwide (Frisch 115). Roosevelt’s revolutionary plan, Medicare, has become a commonplace social aid program in America. Much like Roosevelt, Obama has had to deal with healing a country deep into an economic depression. Obama’s health care reforms have reportedly made care available for ninety-six percent of Americans as opposed to eighty-four percent before his presidency (Qazi 5). This means that thirty-six million more Americans have access to affordable health care than just three or four years ago. Qazi write that “regardless of health or income, the peace of mind comes from knowing that they will have access to affordable healthcare when they need it” (Qazi 6). Obama’s health care bill, dubbed Obamacare, has received heavy attacks from the right wing in Congress. Although it was largely changed and manipulated by Congress, the President’s health care reform is in effect, the bill has been nick named the “neo-new deal” by the media. The congressional manipulation and affectionate name echo Roosevelt’s Medicare battle in the thirties. Roosevelt’s entire New Deal plan, including Medicare, was...

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