The Leader Of Dubai And The Middle East

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The Leader of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad What do you think when you hear the word ‘Middle East’? You may think the word like war, oil, desert, the rich, royal family, conservative, not developing and women who where a black cloth that covers all the face. But after you know about Dubai, your thinking will be change. In Dubai, the small country in the Middle East, dream and fantasy has come true. Now Dubai, which has infertile land, is the one of the best sightseeing place for the rich. It’s no more a poor country, it’s a rich country. Then how can Dubai change like that? It’s because of a leader of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad. His father Sheikh Rasid made a ...view middle of the document...

So he put his heart to make another way to live without oil, and that become a foothold. Sheikh Mohammad, who grows up under that kind of father, was a prepared leader. When he became a leader, people all over the world surprised because of his works. Burj Al Arab is a hotel that is like a sail boat and it is on the middle of the sea. How wonderful! It became a land mark of Dubai. More people see that hotel the more people want to visit Dubai to stay at Burj Al Arab. So Dubai became a very popular country. In addition, he built Ski Dubai, Palm Island, Dubai Land, Burj Dubai, Hydroplice, Emirates Golf Club. Ski Dubai is a place where we can ski, and Emirates Golf Club is a place where people can play golf. Everyone think that ski and golf on a desert is impossible, but Sheikh Mohammad made it. He make impossible possible. He broke a rule. How creative he is! But it’s too early to surprise. There’s lot to make you wonder. The Hydropolice. It’s a hotel under the water, and it’s really lucid. That mean we can see fishes, coral and creature under the sea while in the room. It’s been under construction. I hope I could see it soon. Next is Burj Dubai. It’s been under construction too, but when it complete, it will be the highest building around the world. The most proud thing is that Samsung is in charge of that. Sheikh Mohammad is earning money by a marvelous and creative method. When I heard his plan I always surprised, because it’s so creative. I wish there were a lot of person who is like Sheikh Mohammad in Korea soon.

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