The Last Years Essay

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The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years is a play about a couple name Jamie and Cathy and their five year relationships. At the start of the play you see the couple embrace and kiss each other, one of three interactions between the couple in the play and other being when he proposes and the wedding. Jamie who is an up and coming novelist tells the couple relationship from the beginning to the end and Cathy who is a struggling actress tells the story from the end to the beginning. Cathy begins telling her side of the story while sitting alone and singing the song “Still Hurting” due to their marriage being over. We then switch to Jamie where he is telling the story from the beginning of ...view middle of the document...

Cathy who is still a struggling actress is back in Ohio and is auditioning for a role but is turned down causing her to go into a deep depression. Meanwhile Jamie is trying to convince Cathy that he is not cheating with his editor and that he wants them to go to his book review but Cathy refuse to go so Jamie leaves without her. The two are still arguing and Jamie accuses Cathy of not being supportive of his career because her is failing. Even though he is harsh in what he is saying, he still tells her that he stills believe in her. Next scene you see Cathy riding in a car with an unseen Jamie to see her parents. She tells him about her past relationships and that she does not want to end up like her friend back home, which in the end she does. Near the end of the play Jamie is seen in the bed which I thought was Cathy but instead other women probably the editor. Jamie tries to blame Cathy for his cheating action due to their rocky marriage. Towards the end, the beginning of the five years you see that Cathy is happy about her first date with Jamie and says that she has been waiting forever for someone like him while singing “Goodbye until Tomorrow”. However it is the end of the five years of the marriage which is showing Jamie sitting alone in their apartment reflecting on the last five years of their relationship. He then leaves the apartment for the last time, only saying goodbye while singing “I Could Never Rescue You.” It seems like neither one of the couple wanted to save their marriage. At one moment you wanted to have sympathy for Cathy because her career was not going anywhere and that Jamie was ignoring her while focusing on writing his book. It is understandable that he wanted to concentrate on his book but he still should have paid her some attention because she was his wife. But when he did tried to spend some time or go out with her; she do not want to go or she would start an argument with him. Then you would start feeling sorry for Jamie...

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