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John Fitzgerald Kennedy Houston Ministerial Association Speech
9. Lyndon Baines Johnson "We Shall Overcome"
10. Mario Matthew Cuomo 1984 DNC Keynote Address
11. Jesse Louis Jackson 1984 DNC Address
12. Barbara Charline Jordan Statement on the Articles of Impeachment
13. (General) Douglas MacArthur Farewell Address to Congress
14. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I've Been to the Mountaintop"
15. Theodore Roosevelt "The Man with the Muck-rake"
16. Robert Francis Kennedy Remarks on the Assassination of MLK
17. Dwight David Eisenhower Farewell Address
18. Thomas Woodrow Wilson War Message
19. (General) Douglas MacArthur "Duty, Honor, Country"
20. Richard Milhous Nixon "The Great Silent Majority"
21. John Fitzgerald Kennedy "Ich bin ein Berliner"
22. Clarence Seward Darrow "Mercy for Leopold and Loeb"
23. Russell H. Conwell "Acres of Diamonds"
24. Ronald Wilson Reagan "A Time for Choosing"
25. Huey Pierce Long "Every Man a King"
26. Anna Howard Shaw "The Fundamental Principle of a Republic"
27. Franklin Delano Roosevelt "The Arsenal of Democracy"
28. Ronald Wilson Reagan "The Evil Empire"
29. Ronald Wilson Reagan First Inaugural Address
30. Franklin Delano Roosevelt First Fireside Chat
31. Harry S. Truman "The Truman Doctrine"
32. William Cuthbert Faulkner Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
33. Eugene Victor Debs 1918 Statement to the Court
34. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton "Women's Rights are Human Rights"
35. Dwight David Eisenhower "Atoms for Peace"
36. John Fitzgerald Kennedy American University Commencement Address
37. Dorothy Ann Willis Richards 1988 DNC Keynote Address
38. Richard Milhous Nixon Resignation Speech
39. Thomas Woodrow Wilson "The Fourteen Points"
40. Margaret Chase Smith "Declaration of Conscience"
41. Franklin Delano Roosevelt "The Four Freedoms"
42. Martin Luther King, Jr. "A Time to Break Silence"
43. Mary Church Terrell "What it Means to be Colored in the...U.S."
44. William Jennings Bryan "Against Imperialism"
45. Margaret Higgins Sanger "The Morality of Birth Control"
46. Barbara Pierce Bush 1990 Wellesley College Commencement Address
47. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Civil Rights Address
48. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Cuban Missile Crisis Address
49. Spiro Theodore Agnew "Television News Coverage"
50. Jesse Louis Jackson 1988 DNC Address
51. Mary Fisher "A Whisper of AIDS"
52. Lyndon Baines Johnson "The Great Society"
53. George Catlett Marshall "The Marshall Plan"
54. Edward Moore Kennedy "Truth and Tolerance in America"
55. Adlai Ewing Stevenson Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address
56. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt "The Struggle for Human Rights"
57. Geraldine Anne Ferraro Vice-Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech
58. Robert Marion La Follette "Free Speech in Wartime"
59. Ronald Wilson Reagan 40th Anniversary of D-Day Address
60. Mario Matthew Cuomo "Religious Belief and Public Morality"

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