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The Last Supper Essay

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“One of a Kind”
An Analysis of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Supper designed and created by Leonardo da Vinci is an iconic and highly recognizable piece of art. The artwork’s high recognition not only stems from its deep religious roots but also the unique and subtle beauty that the humongous painting contains. Leonardo began the instantly famous painting in the year of 1495, and concluded his work in the year of 1498. During this three-year work period, The Last Supper was being created, polished and perfected. As a result of his time and dedication The Last Supper is ultimately one of the highest recognizable pieces of religious art still today. In fact to this day ...view middle of the document...

The Last Supper was created on the wall of the refectory, also known as a dining hall, in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, located in Milan, Italy. One amazing feature of the painting is that it’s rectangular shape takes up a whole wall with dimensions of fifteen by twenty nine feet. Leonardo da Vinci had painted his masterpiece with sincere thought on the paintings placement. With the picture placed at the end of the dining hall, it was meant to be as if Jesus Christ and his apostles were actually joining the people in the refectory for an afternoon lunch or an evening meal. Another feature that brings fame to the painting is the fact that Leonardo had the opportunity to use many different colors. He was able to do so because instead of following the traditional technique of a fresco style, he went with another unusual method of design. Rather then designing The Last Supper on wet plaster, Leonardo painted his creation on a dry wall. Although his use of color benefitted from the action of switching techniques, there was a downfall to his new method as well. Not too shortly after the completion of his masterpiece The Last Supper, the painting began to deteriorate and since then has gone through numerous trials of restoration (“Fresco: The Last Supper …”). The numerous processes of restoration that The Last Supper has endured bring up many concerns and questions about the painting’s originality. Many people think that over time the restoration began changing different aspects of the painting due to the fact that the restorations were becoming done so often. Some people claim the faces of the apostles have changed over the years, especially the face of Judas. While there are other spectators who claim the color palette has changed over time. The Last Supper’s creator Leonardo da Vinci was born in the year of 1452 in the town of Vinci, Italy. His name is derived from the town in which he was born. Leonardo da Vinci, literally meaning Leonardo from the town of Vinci. Due to this fact, you will find he is mostly referred to as Leonardo rather than da Vinci (“Leonardo da Vinci…”). He is best known for his artistic works of The Last Supper as well as the Mona Lisa. However Leonardo also held many other talents. He was also known for sculpting, architecture, geology, and engineering and just like his artistic creations, he had experienced success in these areas of interest. On the downside of Leonardo’s many talents, he was a known procrastinator. He was known to leave some of his work incomplete and also unfinished. Leonardo died during the month of May, in the year of 1519 due to the fact of natural causes (“Leonardo da Vinci…”). Leonardo was already a well-known and appreciated artist by the time he had completed The Last Supper in the year of 1498. He got the job through the Duke of Milan, who he worked for, for roughly eighteen years. The Duke of Milan, known as Duke Lodovico Sforza, suggested the project to...

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