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The Lamb Essay

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William Blake was born to a middle class London family in 1757. He died in 1827 at the age of seventy. He was considered a reformist romantic poet because his poetry did not follow the conventions of his time; he had his own unique style. It went against the popular themes and styles (Net Poets). Though he is well known for his writing, he started his career as an artist. He taught himself the craft of engraving plates for printing, and with that tool put into print most of his writings (Lit Network).Much of Blake?s writing has a spiritual theme. Though Blake accepted the existence of God, he opposed organized religion. His beliefs did not coincide with traditional Christianity (Christian). ...view middle of the document...

If I cannot understand what the poem is about then it will be very hard to write about it. As I was searching for a poem, I found a few that were religious and they appealed to me. This particular poem, "The Lamb" by William Blake really stuck out to me. I come from a very religious background and that is why this poem stuck out to me. I hoped that this poem would be a little less difficult for me but at the same time be a challenge too.In the poem, ?The Lamb? written by Blake in 1789, there are two characters. One is the speaker and the other a lamb. From the language used in the poem it can be inferred that the speaker is a child. The words of the child are innocent. The child is speaking to a lamb, asking the lamb if he knows who made him and who has given him everything that he has. Then, in the second half of the poem the child answers his own question. The author uses a play on the word "lamb." The child says that the maker of the lamb "calls himself a Lamb" (v14). At the end of the poem, the child gives a blessing to the lamb.Two of the most important and unique elements of this poem are the imagery and form. An attribute to all of Blake?s poetry is his use of imagery. He provides the reader with very descriptive images throughout the poem, which helps to clarify the message of the poem. In the first stanza we see a little lamb. He puts the lamb by the stream and mead (v4), which are both scenes taken directly from the book of Psalms in the Bible. The first eight lines list the attributes of the lamb. It is described as "wooly bright" (v6) and having a "tender voice" (v7). These are not qualities of a typical animal; he is probably suggesting that this lamb is more than just an animal--possibly a heavenly being.In the second stanza, the speaker says that the creator calls himself a lamb. The creator is God and Jesus is the lamb. The image of Jesus being the Lamb of God is seen throughout the Bible. In Biblical times, only lambs of the utmost quality were used as sacrifices or burnt offerings presented to God. Jesus gave himself as a sacrifice for the world, making him a sacrificial ?lamb.? He is the only one that could be a sacrifice because there was no one else sinless and holy like him. In the first stanza the speaker described the lamb as a heavenly creature. That is because the Lamb of God is spotless and holy.Both the lamb and the child also symbolize the innocence of Jesus. Jesus came into the world as a child, gentle like the little lamb. Also, in the Bible, Jesus is seen as meek and mild. God created the gentle lamb, so he must too be gentle. In the Bible, Jesus is also seen as the ?Good...

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