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The Key To Success Essay

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The Key to Success
The most disturbing time in my past was when I believed that I was entitled to the American dream — the president, my employer, and the government is responsible for filling my life with continuous happiness, an exciting career, loads of family time, and positive personal relationships simply because I exist. Throughout the years of growth, I discovered the truth and the most important lesson I have revealed in my lifetime. I learned that there is only one person responsible for the quality of the life I live. That person is me.
If I want to be successful, I have to take 100% responsibility for all the failures and successes that I experience in my life. This includes ...view middle of the document...

Nothing less will do.
At this time, I was working as a waitress at BJ’s Restaurants where everyone else I started working with was receiving bonuses and promotions, except me. After realizing my mistakes I knew exactly why I wasn’t qualifying for promotions so I decided that it was time for change. I went in to talk to my manager during my day off just to ask him two questions. The first question was “what is your opinion about my work?” and the second is “what do you think I should improve?” My manager’s answer was startling. Most people would probably have been defensive or emotionally disturbed by what my manager said although for some reason, I felt like it was something I have known deep down inside all this time. I reacted by taking notes and took in consideration everything he said. The following day, I made the change and continued with the change every day until the day I left. They threw me a going away party where my manager announced how sad he was to see me leave because I was one of his best employees (something he would have never said before). I was considered for the supervisory position as well as a raise that I refused. From that day on, I knew I had complete control. I had the key to success.
As a Healthcare Administration major I wanted to get a feel on dealing with the administrative side of healthcare. Since I did not have a Medical Assisting or Nursing Aide background, I decided to take advantage of my Dental Assisting background in order to start working in a clinical setting. When I started working, I made sure that I start proficiently, so I volunteered to help before, after and during work. I voiced my interest in learning the administrative side of the business and that I can even help with simple administrative tasks. After a few months I was conducting staff meetings on how to improve procedures and setting up manuals for new employees. Shortly, I was promoted as the office manager. Since my ultimate goal and major was Healthcare Administration I needed to transition over to more of a hospital type of setting and I worked day and night to search for positions that my previous experiences qualified for. The only position that can get my foot in the door was an Administrative Assistant position for Scripps System Resources. This position would require me to cover Administrative positions for people who are in maternity leave or short term disability. I applied 45 times and finally, I was called for an interview. During my interview I made sure I take in consideration that these people are working professionals and that my natural look of being young will not help back up my little Administrative experience and no degree. I dressed for success, I dressed for the job I wanted...

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