The Key Differences Between The Marketing Communications Used To Support National Ice Cream Brands And Local Ice Cream Brands

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a. The key differences between the marketing communications used to support national ice cream brands and local ice cream brands.
All marketing communication plans, regardless of if the brand is local or national, all have the same aim in mind, which is; to promote the company, their products and their services, to their target audience or audiences.
However there are key differences in the reason and way marketing communications are used for both local and nation ice cream brands. These will be explained in the following categories; audiences, tools, media, messages and budget.
National ice cream brands use above-the-line, as to remind consumers of their existence and keep ...view middle of the document...

Whereas national brandç—´ messages, such as Green and Blacks, include; indulgence messages.
The techniques used within the marketing communications messages would both include rational and emotional appeals within their communications. However local brands, such as LIC, would use more rational as to inform unique characteristics of the ice cream such as; the ingredients and being a family based company. National brands would use more of an emotional appeal within their marketing communications message, as to inform of the arousal and joy of the ice cream.

National ice cream brands have the resources available to use a mix of media vehicles these would include; television campaigns, national radio campaigns, national print, interactive websites, use of mobile communications, press releases.
Local ice cream brands have limited resources and have to be selective with the media they choose. The media could include; local digital radio campaigns, pod casts, local print, and interactive websites. However not all of these would be feasible due to the limited resources, but do show a range of media available to the local audiences.
The obvious key differences with local and national ice cream brands are the size of the audiences they are communicating with, this therefore requires national brands to profile segment and target their audience, and for local brands like LIC, with their audiences they will have the benefit and deeper knowledge of their audiences. Therefore Local ice cream brands are able to have highly targeted communications tools and media, at their disposal.
The key difference between local and national ice cream brands is the budget. National ice cream brands will have a greater advertising expenditure compared to national ice cream brands, which will have a smaller advertising expenditure.
The percentages break up of pull, push and profile would be different due to the nature of their audiences. National brands would use pull, which would require a larger amount of budget due to the tools used, whereas local brands would mostly use push, where limited resources can be used.
However, LIC have shown that national coverage is possible through the use of below-the-line activities on a limited budget.


b Identify the main relationship issues that might concern the LIC franchisees, and then explain how LIC might use marketing communications to manage these issues.

LIC is working hard to build up a reputable brand image, in order for this to happen it is important to communicate and manage relationships with the franchisees. With LICç—´ franchise operating on their own but under the brands name, it is vital that the franchisees is consistent with LICç—´ standards and adheres to its policies, as without a good communication relationship, the LIC brand could be destroyed.
Such relationship issues could occur due to the break down and lack of...

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