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The Kangaroo Essay

744 words - 3 pages

Main focus:
- Narrator
- A characterization
- The overall theme
- The ending
In this essay I am going to analyze the short story “The Kangaroo”. The main themes in this essay is growing up, and becoming a man. It is a short story written by John Michael.
This short story written by John Michael is told from a 3rd person subjective perspective, and is limited to the boy, who is the main character. This is caused by the way we see everything from the outside (camera view), but we still know what is going on outside of the boy’s head. The way you can see that it is a 3rd person narrator and not an omniscient narrator is because we only follow one characters development through the story. You can see that in this quote:
- Blood poured from its nostrils. The boy was fascinated.
It shows that we know how the boy feels about the kangaroo dying.
The boy (who is the main character in the story) is developing pretty fast and a ...view middle of the document...

The hunter is telling the boy to walk in front of him. That is because he feels like he should protect the boy, so that is a clear sign that the hunter is the boy’s father (or at least a father figure). They boy gets more confident as the story go on, as when he starts to kill the kangaroos without telling the hunter about it. But every time he kills a kangaroo, he still feels empty. Like nothing happened. They boy is getting tired of walking in front of the man, and all of his cruelty with the kangaroos. So at the end the boy shoots the man. And he says the same thing the man said to all the kangaroos. - “Dead”.
The crow that barked right before the boy shoots the man is a symbol of death. So as he sees the crow, he shoots the man. He wants to take the man’s place, so he can become a man himself. So after he shot the man, he becomes the man that he always wanted to be.
The title “The kangaroo” is very fitting to the story, as the main plot is circled around the fact that they are killing kangaroos. Even though the kangaroos only are the way of showing his manhood to the world, it is still a part of the boy, and the reason of him growing up.
The main theme in this short story is of course ‘growing up’. The character is developing in many different ways through the story, and the different occasions are making him develop in different kind of ways. As if he did not kill the man, he would not turn into the same person.
I am going to relate this short story with another person who writes short stories. Ernest Hemingway writes stories in the same kind of way, and uses the same themes in his stories. His main theme is the development from a child to an adult, and the period between that. He has a character called the ‘Hemingway Hero’, who is the main character, and is the typical ultimate picture of the perfect man. A man who is strong, willing, takes care of his family, and develops to change from the person they were in the start of the story.
This short story represents every child’s development from child to an adult. The fact that we all need to go through different points in our life, and we might do things that we don’t want to. But after all we all grow older.

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