The Journey To Finding Confidence Essay

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The Journey to Finding Confidence
The walk home from school during my elementary years was something I loved. Not only did I look forward to it because it meant that school was over for the day, I also looked forward to it because it was one of the few times I had to myself. Amidst the chaos of little kids laughing, screaming, and racing each other home, I would tune out the noise and just think. Eventually I would make it home; my time alone would expire, and I would find myself looking forward to tomorrow’s walk home from school. However, one day the walk home was anything but pleasant. As I was passing the open fields of the horse stables, I heard a voice from behind sing, “Fatty, ...view middle of the document...

Over the years, I became really comfortable with this idea. However, I never was quite comfortable enough to openly talk about it with my family for fear of their judgment. I grew up in a pretty religious Roman Catholic family where judgment plays a big role. Nevertheless, one day I received a text from my mom asking if I was gay. Although I perceived this as a rather odd way to address the situation, I proceeded to tell her I wasn’t homosexual and how I felt about it. By being able to overcome my fear and conquer this obstacle, my belief that it is okay to be whom I am even if that makes me different was confirmed. Similar to that of Bell Hooks’ idea, if we all have a voice and stand up for what we believe in, we create the ability for change to occur. Different is great and weird is good. If we all weren’t so scared of what society thought, we could change the idea that it’s bad to be diverse and instead accept people for who they are.
Now that I felt a new sense of confidence in who I was mentally, it was time to tackle the battle of being confident in who I am physically. I can remember one time specifically where it was a late Sunday evening when I realized I left my prized brown makeup bag somewhere and could no longer find it. I demanded that my parents take me to buy new makeup because there was no way I would go to school without any makeup on. Similar scenarios occurred frequently but in regards to my hair. I would refuse to go to school or out in any public place if I did not straighten or curl my hair. I was so ashamed of what I saw in the mirror that it began to interrupt my life in a negative way. Since then, I have done some serious damage control. I reconstructed my views on what I think beauty is; I have washed away what society told me beauty was and replaced it with what I believe beauty to be. I am now capable of going out in public without any make up on or without doing my hair, and get this, I actually feel confident. Much like Bell...

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