The Journalist Behind The Curtain: Participatory Functions On The Internet And Their Impact On Perceptions Of The Work Of Journalism

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OverviewThe overall of this study examines the consequences of increasing audience participation in journalism processes. It also suggests that increased transparency between readers and journalist may weaken the occupation's authority too by leaving the jurisdictional area of journalism vulnerable to rival occupations, such as bloggers.News organizations have invented a variety ways to increase audience participation in the journalistic process. However an increased interest in reader participation has also derived from the unique characteristics of online media which allow dialogue among news readers, interaction between reader and news sources, and personalized news.During the 1980's, audience was quite concern in the industry over a perceived credibility crisis. Whereby recent ...view middle of the document...

Hence, a greater transparency on accessing to occupational knowledge and the impact on control over work could have created a work quite differently than its proponents believe. "Lifting the curtain" through online journalism could lead audiences to challenge the authority of journalism, and there is reason to believe that Internet use for "disintermediative" purposes has eroded the authority of other professionals.Nonetheless for journalism and its occupational control, journalism by the estimation it has closer to semi-professional status than professional status. Whereby, journalism appears to have a less arcane, less complex knowledge base than professions with higher status. By its common view in the news construction literature is that journalistic professionalism is based on knowledge of routine needed to accomplish work within organizational constraints. Journalist themselves tend to see their work as non-routine, and they portray the news as constituting random events in a complex world.Indeed, the initial of this study is determined by the compilation of Research question, methods and findings. Four research questions determined to what degree the public thinks journalist have exclusive control over their knowledge base. Whereas methods that used for this study were obtaining from a telephone survey of a random sample of households with telephones on the metropolitan area. In contrast findings were a mixed in regard to the research question.The findings from this study suggest that audiences are open to fairly broad definition of journalism. To the extent that the work of journalism becomes defined as commentary rather than reporting, the budding occupation of blogging may gain some control. This is because occupations are weakened when they allow rival occupations to alter the definition of their work area.

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